Tabby Tuesday

GeminipinkOh look, I got to go outside. Ichiro practically tripped over me going outside. He was rude, don’t you think? Anyway, I finally got outside to go smell the air. And it was nice.

And remember tomorrow is Turn the Blogosphere Pink for Skeezix and remember to share your favorite Skeezix memories. Is it the vishus deer? When he waited for the short bus? When he didn’t win the spelling bee? One of the Valentines he made for Daisy?  We’d think that the Florida Furkids had a wonderful idea when they said we should turn the blogosphere Pink!

And Go here if you want to donate to the Memorial Fund. We are 35% of the way to our goal! That memorial was Jeter’s idea. We’re just the technical help.


  1. Oh how lucky you are to be outside!! We bet it did smell wonderful!
    We look forward to Skeezix Wednesday 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  2. I wish I could go outside, but I am “skittish” and I “bolt” and I “run away,” and all these things add up to “not allowed.”

  3. It looks like you’re enjoying the air outside. We only get outside through the window screens.

    We didn’t know Skeezix, but we are looking forward to reading everybody’s memories on Wednesday.

  4. I rarely get to go outside, Gemini, and when I do it’s on a leash. Enjoy our outside time!


  5. Ahhhh Miss Gemini you are nothing short of fabulous!
    Enjoy your sniffs and whiffs!
    Ping purrs

  6. You are looking mighty fine on your Out N’ About sweet Gemini!

  7. I can see you are enjoying the fresh air Gemini. That was very rude of Ichiro.

  8. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    fess up gemini…ewe iz on yur way ta a ron dee vooz with ping….
    haza grate date; don’t stay out two long ore yur mom will bee come suzfizzuz
    and enjoy !

  9. We have to be happy with a screen porch! We also want to thank you for Angel Chica’s birthday wishes.

  10. I can see the happy face on your face,
    fresh air must be really great!

  11. It IS wunnerful to get outside!

  12. You look like you are really enjoying the summer sniffies.

    We’ve turned our blog pink for Skeezix!

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