Sunday Guest Star: The Wise Cats

cat-odin-garden-0011Well, I was starting to worry that I’d be getting a little high all on my own all weekend. Flynn invited me there but no one found me.  However, after many clues, like drinking Blue Hawaiians and hard Grape Nehi’s, the cats from Cat Wisdom finally found me. They said, “Curaçao?”

Less than an hour later the Poupounette gang found me saying, “We have also just come to the conclusion it might be Willemstad, Cuaraçao, as in “blue”….! Also “nordic”, as in Dutch? but it’s rather a long way from Cuba…”

Of course, I’ll say yes, it’s a ways from Cuba, but Cuba was the closest I anyone had come on a guess. Until Argentina which came later and then that’s debatable. I’d have to look it up and that might take work. And you know I don’t work. Especially after drinking all that liqueur.

Proving that his owner also enjoys a nip now and then, Derby and Ducky said, “Goodness, we got home and figured from the Blue Hawaiian drink where you would be. Curaçao, but The Chan’s beat us. We blame mum for not being home.”

Well maybe if she hadn’t been out drinking her own Blue Hawaiians you would have found me in time….

So I would like to thank Flynn and everyone who found me and perhaps next week I’ll have something a wee bit easier!


  1. Goodness, we totally didn’t see that one! Glad you made it home, though. Concats to Cat Wisom!

  2. We are really glad that the Wise Cats found you. We never would have.

    Spyro and the Gang

  3. We had a good time trying to figure it out, Chey. This was one of the more fun ones!

    The Chans

  4. Concats to Cat Wisdom.
    Curacao is in the Caribbean Sea so is nearer to Cuba than Argentina. It is one of the ABC Islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao which make up the Dutch Antilles.

  5. We’re really disappointed in our Mom since she’s been there!!! Duh……

    The Florida Furkids

  6. We’re glad you were finally found, Chey. Though that does look like a cool place to get lost!

  7. Congratulations to Cat Wisdom!!

  8. I sure am glad there were some smart ones out there to find you!

  9. *whew* we are glad you were found Chey.
    hello gorgeous Miss Gemini.
    Our Momma has been under the weather and our computer time has been nil.
    We hope she starts feeling better soon.
    But I have not forgotten you my little precious puffalo.
    ping purrs

  10. YAY! Now that we know where you are, we come to party with you 😉 heehe
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  11. Yes, mum does enjoy a nip or two of adult beverages.

  12. Wow, even with the clues ESPLAINED, we still wouldnt have found you!

  13. I’m one of the STUPID cats MOL!!!! Oh and I like it that way! hehehe

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