Sunday Guest Star: Cat Wisdom

odin-cat-funny-birthdayOdin, Merlin, Domino and Gris Gris are on a roll! They found me last week and they were there again this week! They said, “I think I finally got one! I was in Chichen-Itza years ago and the sculpture looks familiar.”

And yes, yes it was!  They continued, “Yay! That trip to the Yucatan was trip driving around off the beaten path. I must dig up some pics. Chichen-Itza and Tulum were meowvelous.”

I did not get over to Tulum but I hear it’s wonderful. I was only in the very very hot area of Chichen-Itza, or as we kitties say, “Chicken Pizza”.  And we tried hard to fool you by showing something that wasn’t as perfectly Chichen-Iza-ish as we could but you were way too smart!

Now, I’m coming over for a bit of food if that’s okay, while I travel home…


  1. We’re glad you were found so quickly. What fun to be in a place that was Chick-hen themed!

    The Florida Furkids

  2. Dang, we thought our alien explanation was a good one. Oh well…

  3. We didn’t have a clue, but are glad you made it home! Did you say chick-hen pizza???

  4. The only one rolling is Odin in the grass. We’re usually dismally slow but this was a no-brainer. Thanks for featuring us, and Happy Cat Dad Day!

  5. Way to go guys!

  6. Well, they aren’t call Cat Wisdom fur nothin’!!!

  7. Yep…we say Chicken Pizza! Congrats to Layla, Odin, Gris Gris…and the others!

  8. Concats to Cat Wisdom!

  9. Yer Sure those werent Ancient Alien fossils? Darn, Sammy Meezer assured us they were. Oh well…

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