Remembering Skeezix

TuesdayWow, we don’t even know how to start. We remember Skeezix from way back. We actually remember all the cats talking about him for awhile before we finally found a link to his blog. Gemini started back in 2005 and Skeezix started a couple of months before she did. But everyone loved Skeezix and his fashion sense, which we confess, Gemini did not have.

Just when we thought that we knew everything about everything, Skeezix and his family would come up with something new. Our favorite posts were a series of posts about Skeezix waiting to go to school on the short bus.  Part of our love for this was not only in showing Skeezix’ excitement for everything about life but the fact that clearly the Food Lady and Mr. Tasty Face were willing to play along.

Skeezix is eager and waiting for the morning to arrive to start, then they are looking both ways, to be sure not to miss it, and then you can see them settling in for a wait, they’re excited again when Skeezix thinks he hears it,  and time goes on and they are still waiting (and Mr TF apparently had a party) and poor Skeezix, the short bus didn’t show up and he can’t wake Mr. Tasty Face and it’s getting cold!  We know it was one of the wurst days of his life, but we loved those posts, largely because the woman just wasn’t expecting them all…

We will miss the unexpected with that boy. He brought us all a lot of joy during his short life.  Our thoughts are with the Food Lady who is an equally wonderful person and we hope that will find another muse to keep writing and sharing her wit and perspective on life.  She is one of the true joys we have found when meeting up with the humans of the blogosphere.

If you wish to contribute to a memorial that we will be giving to The Food Lady and Mr. Tasty Face to donate to the shelter of their choice, here is the link.


  1. I remember Skeezix well and loved his fashion sense and his wooing of Daisy the Curly Cat. I also remember the tunnel wars with Mao and lots of other fun stuff.

  2. Those are wonderful memories. His silly wit and extensive vocabulary always created giggles and smiles here.

  3. My human is very sad for Skeezix’s human, and I am so pleased to see so much pink all over the blogosphere today.

  4. We remember Skeezix waiting for the school bus.
    WE know the Food Lady and Mr Tasty Face are hurting right now.
    We will miss Skeezix too.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  5. Such great memories of Skeezix. He was a very special ManCat and we will miss him.

    The Florida Furkids

  6. The Rainbow Bridge got a lot pinker with Skeezix there. We’ll miss him.

  7. A lovely tribute to Skeezix.

  8. Skeezix helped encourage me to start blogging when I found you before I had a blog. We guess he is probably wearing a lot of pink at the Rainbow Bridge.

  9. Skeezix was indeed so very special and will live in our hearts forever.

  10. Mr. Echo says:

    And here I was worried Tripper was going to eet him. Skeezix was a bright light that will shine in my heart furever. Whnever I’m not sure what do to I always ask myself WWSD?

  11. Yes, those bus stop posts were some of our favorites too. We always looked forward to his posts.

  12. thanyew fur honorin’ our best frend wif this lovely post!! (we loved the school posts, but our mommer akshully cride when skeezy was so disappointed.)

  13. A fine tribute, Chey. We feel so bad for Skeezy’s family.

  14. That short bus was stupid to pass Skeezix by. We hope the driver got fired!

  15. I’m still having a hard time imagining the CB without Skeezix, but man…his Food Lady is so creative that I know once the sting lessens a bit, she’ll find her voice again.

  16. I knew OF Skeezix more than I knew him I have to admit. He was a legend and it’s great the way the CB is honoring him and his memory. I’ll have to go back and see those posts you linked to.

  17. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    chey; thanx for sharin yur memoreez oh skeezix…we loved hiz pick sures…and thiz IZA grate storee bout de bus…thanx two for yur werk on gettin de donayshunz runnin and de pink flowin thru out blog land….pleez ta tell jeter de same ~~~~~~~

  18. We are really enjoying all the Skeezix posts today. Thanks for sharing your memories.

  19. Wonderful tribute and thoughts about Skeezix. We too, hope that Karen will continue on in some way with that wonderful wit and way to make us laff!

  20. we are all very sad that we somehow managed to completely miss this Founding Cat blogger and All Around Amazing Cat. Thanks for the update and the link to the memorial. wish we had know him.

  21. Those were special memories of a special cat…

  22. I remember Skeezix too. I hadn’t been keeping up with him and the Food Lady, and I’m sad to hear of his loss.

  23. This is a lovely tribute to Skeezix. We enjoyed all his stories and they were so well written that we felt his emotions along with him. The Short Bus was one of the classics.

  24. We would if we could do it by Paypal…

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