Thursday in the Garden: The Old Garden

We are joining with Jonesie, now that Chey knows all about gardens to do a Thursday gardening post. I am not sure if we will get every Thursday (especially in the winter) but we’ll see.

Although Chey did the interviewing, she does not go in the garden. However, she said we should start with some before shots so you can admire the after shots when they happen.

This is the front of the house:



Our Dad does not want to have to mow so there will no more grass here. Don’t worry! We have a pot of cat grass in the back already growing. Mom says that hopefully the new landscaping will help to hide the service stuff on the edge of our lot.

Here are three photos of the backyard, one looking to the right  and the other to the left and one straight ahead from the sliding door. This is where Gemini and I go outside.

IMG_2900a IMG_2902a IMG_2901a


So anyway, here we are examining a new butterfly bush that will go where the ugly vegetable planter thing that Dad has. Gemini and I find it interesting. He thinks it’s neat and Mom thinks it’s ugly.



Yeah, okay so I did try a taste of the dirt there. Gemini thought that was rude.

Now, here I am checking out a blueberry bush that will stay around:



And here’s Gemini checking out the planter. I think she is pleased that the fertilizer sitting there is fish poop fertilizer. I just wish it were fish!



And here I am, smelling the California Lilac. Dad really liked this when he saw it at Jonesie’s house so he made sure to find one. This is supposed to be smaller but Mom isn’t convinced it will be.



If this means I can go wander around the yard regularly, I’ll be a happy cat! This was fun!



  1. *clapping paws*

    Pawsome garden report! I recognized the California Lilac right away! purrrrr You are going to have so much fun wandering the yard. Hope you aren’t as soggy as we are right now.

  2. You kittehz have a nice backyard. Our Mommy has the problem of hiding utility things in our front yard, too. Happy Thursday! XOXO

  3. It is so great that you get to wander around the back yard. Mom won’t let us out without a harness and leash.


  4. We are SO happy you have a backyard to wander in. Wait til you discover all the BUGS to pounce and eat (most are tasty but some are not). Tell yer Beins that blueberries need acidic dirt, the butterfly bush is not impressive itself but the flowers are large and attract butterflies of many kinds, and just WAIT til you poop outside! It is a very liberating experience…

    And you stay inside that fence, you hear?

  5. Oh boy!! A clean slate!
    You will have lots of fun snoopervising your garden .
    We think it will look really nice too 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  6. There is so much gardening potential here! But your humans will need LOTS of supervision if they are to do it right.

  7. We can’t wait to see how your garden progresses!!

    The Florida Furkids

  8. We look forward to your transformation
    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini
    Ping purrs

  9. It’s going to be fun to see how it turns out, after your snoopervising makes it just perfect!

  10. My human, being very nosy, likes to see where other live! So you have made her day! 🙂

  11. With help from your snoopervisors, the garden is going to be great. The sudden heat and rain has turned our garden into a jungle overnight. We like a wild look 😉

  12. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    chey…whoa…yur houz iz like a manshun N yur yard is way awesum …hope yur mom finded a fish flake tree coz it wood grow reely well in that korner….pluz it will ree mane… burd free…all yeer long !!

  13. How wonderful! I still don’t have a garden even though there is lots of room for one.

  14. I am looking forward to seeing your garden develop. You will have lots of fun when the butterflies visit the butterfly bush.

  15. Keep the pictures coming on the changes. Mum was outside tonight planting little flowers. We don’t do Garden Thursday when we have snow, nothing to tell anyone about, it is white and cold outside.

  16. wow! what a wonderful, full-sun, blank slate! good luck with everything and enjoy the Fish Emulsion. lovely little stink, isn’t it?

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