Tabby Tuesday

IMG_2929smThere I am checking out the old garden. I haven’t seen the new one yet because it’s been raining since the landscapers left. Well the new plants are getting lots of water even if I can’t do my snoopervision.


  1. Looks like you’re not happy about the rain, either. We don’t blame you! Have a great Tuesday! xoxo

  2. We cant wait ta see yer new garden, all you… MOL!

  3. Oops meant to say, we also can’t wait ta see who becomes the garden speakscat…

  4. Darn rain!! WE have sun today then rain for the rest of the week :/
    Yup, rain makes it hard to snoopervise!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  5. I think you should have been supervising a while back, Gemini – apparently the landscapers made some big mistakes!

  6. The rain spoils all the fun, Gemini! We’re sure it will clear up soon for proper snoopervision.

  7. We know you’ll be out there to snoopervise real soon, Gemini!

  8. we don’t like it when the rain interferes with our snoopervision – although only Billy gets to go outside (ok, not GETS to but DOES) and snoopervise

  9. Don’t get thosed toesies wet!!!

  10. Gemini, the boys here are all agog over your fluffy ‘tocks!

  11. I hope the rain stops so you can catch up with your snoopervising of the new garden.

  12. oh, i love teh rains or at least after teh rains when all teh froggies are frolicking and distracted and muncheable. have fun wif that.

  13. you look like you are about to take a poop 🙂

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