Sunday Guest Star: Kaika

kaikaWell immediately, Cory knew I was in Cancun.  ‘Kaika came by with his smarty pants on and said, “Are you at the El Rey ruins?”

The Poupounette knew he was right and so did the Florida Furkids. I had hoped to fool some folks into thinking I was at Chichen Itza (and I did manage to fool Pixel and Samba, whose father will no doubt be a wee bit embarrassed as he knows stuff about the Mayans) but that was all. Most everyone else got El Rey.

It couldn’t be all the photos the Woman posted on her Facebook account could it?

And yes, we did see lots of cool iguanas! I wonder if they taste just like chicken?

And happy Cinco De Mayo–the margaritas here are marvelous!


  1. Well done Kaika!

    Happy Cinco de Mayo

  2. We’re not sure we would be willing to hunt Iguanas just to see if they taste like chicken…

    The Chans

  3. ConCats to Kaika!!

    The Florida Furkids

  4. Congrats to ‘Kaika! At least we got Cancun right. Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

  5. It sure is so nice that you have so many smart friends Chey!

  6. We had no clue! Glad you had someone to find you.

    Happy Cinco de Mayo! We’re enjoying our first party as ladycats!

    Truffle and Brulee

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