Sunday Guest Star: Flynn

Eric and Flynn 12.05.13 164_resizedWell I knew this would be a hard one. Just look at the guy who was with me. He’d been waiting for his ride for ages.  Flynn knew right off it was Mexico. Cory and Derby and Ducky guessed around the area (with Derby and Ducky being closer) but were not right. Finally Flynn said, “Is it Valladolid on the Yucatan peninsula?” And he was right!

I could have made it hard and asked for like an address but you know, this guy was waiting for so long I just went running out to catch any cat in Valladolid and hitch a ride home. It was at a big buffet that had lots of food that was tasty and a very nice lime chicken soup. And lots of other things.  And it was all tasty. And cold cause it’s very hot there.

Anyway, I’m off to explore the new plants that are waiting to be planted next week and we’ll see what happens then!


  1. Concats to Flynn! Whew, that was a hard one. Flynn is a smart boy!

  2. Well done Flynn!

  3. Well done Flynn! I can’t even say it let alone know where it is!!!

  4. I am glad I was able to help before you ended up looking like the guy next to you.

  5. Good for Flynn, at least we were close.

  6. We figured out the flag, but that was ALL we could figure out. Good werk Flynn!

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