Meezer Mancat on Monday

IMG_2934smOkay, I know that you don’t want to see my garden, you want to see me, so here’s a close up!

And Mom is rather distressed.  The landscaper’s designer came by and used the plants she had designated for the backyard for the front (mostly) so that she now has to buy more plants for the back, due to the fact that the backyard is full sun and the front is shade to part shade.  She was not happy and was very irritated all weekend.

I should go purr at her some more to make her less irritable.

And she shouldn’t be irritable, because this is Memorial Day, a day when remember our soldiers who died in battle in the US. So we remember.


  1. Nancy and Little Nicky says:

    Purrs are definitely in order! If your mom lived closer, we would gladly share our excess plants.

  2. Oh dear! Sounds like a job for Super Jonesie! Jonesie will whap some sense into your landscaper…and sit where the plants are supposed to go.

  3. Whap the landscaper. Then steal his lunch and eat it. That’s the best part. Happy Memorial day!

  4. Vespa and Vincent says:

    We send purrs to your mom because she has had such rotten luck with those hole digger people. If Foyle was better at digging holes, we would send him up! The master has been gone a loooong time…almost a week. Foyle misses him so he chases us and when get comfy on the mistress, he comes and lays on us! Don’t you think you would like him to visit? It would distract your mom from the garden!

  5. Weren’t any of you kitties supervising these landscapers? No wonder they got it all wrong!

  6. Well, now your home will look good front and back 😉 (when the new plants come)
    You will still look better though!!
    Purrs for Memorial Day.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  7. Sounds like you need to snoopervise the landscaper very carefully Ichiro.
    Happy Memorial Day to you and all our American friends.

  8. You do well to give your Mom purrspective.

  9. Ichiro you look like a very happy mancat!
    hello gorgeous Miss Gemini!
    Wishing you a very memorable Memorial Day!

  10. Oops, she might need lots of purrs! Happy Memorial Day!

  11. Better give your mom lots of purrs.

    We remember those who’ve fought for our freedom today and every day.

  12. Ichiro, you’re featured on Katz Tales but don’t tell Chey or we’ll get whapped about what we said about her bum. Meow! Target and Guido.

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