Mancat Amazement

IMG_2852smMom is HOW old?!


  1. Is yous joshing your person?

  2. Ichiro, shut your mouth! She is still younger than I am in cat years.

  3. Ichiro…it’s best not to think of it…it scares us to think how old our mom is.

  4. We bet she’s not as old as our mom! We hope she had a great birthday!

  5. We hope she had a great birthday too! And she’s probably not as old as our human, either. LOL.

  6. prolly not as old as our the mom!

  7. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    dood…R momz furst cake wuz served on de wheel…then…sum dinosaurz came strollin by N her had ta run and hide 🙂

    hope her hada grate birthday !

  8. Happy Birthday to your Mom!!!!

  9. Old enough to tickle your cat pits, Ichiro! Happy Birthday to her!

  10. Not as old as my mum. We won’t let her have birthday cake any more because all those candles would burn the house down.

  11. Happy Birthday to your Mom Ichiro!!
    No teasing her, you might not get treats,heehee
    We’re not sure how old Mom is.
    Numbers were not invented yet,heh,heh,heh
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  12. Don’t laff, she feeds you!

  13. Happy Birthday to your mom! She’s not as old as our mom!

  14. old is as old as my Mom. She’s older than dirt

  15. Re, Comment: The wire screen is around the snake plants to keep them from falling all over the place. But it also helps to keep us from pawing the dirt out. We resent that. Iza specially. She LOVES pawing and scratching stuff around (dirt, food bowls, toys)…

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