Terrible Tuesday

IMG_2499smIt was actually a terrible Monday for us.  We lost one of most cherished long time friends, Eric of Eric and Flynn. We are so distressed.

Even worse, Mama will be off in Portland overnight tonight so she can see her acupuncturist.  You’d think she could do all this herself, but no she wants a person she met online and lives in Portland to treat her with herbs.  I wish she would not go.

So we are all sad here. I hope that my floof will help you a little bit.  I try to be a good floofy girl.


  1. We appreciate that floof too, as there is much sadness right now. **smooches** Happy Tuesday, pretty girl. XOXO

  2. So sad for you and all of the CB over the loss of our furriend, Eric. Our mom is out of town, too.

  3. We can’t believe Eric has gone too. It’s a terrible month in the cat blogosphere. Frightened to open my inbox these days.

  4. This is such an awfully sad day in the cat blogosphere. I will miss Eric so much – he was one of our oldest friends.

  5. We feel so sad about missing Eric. We understand.

  6. We are so sad too…we’ll miss Eric very much.

  7. We also counted Eric as a long time friend, it is very hard to have to say good bye, we will miss him lots.

  8. Fuzzy Tales says:

    We only found about half an hour ago when the human logged into Reader and saw someone’s blog title. We’re devastated, in shock and trying to process the awful news. 🙁

  9. Your floofiness definitely is helping with our big sads today, Gemini.

  10. Eric was very special to so many of us. Our eyes are wet and our hearts ache, we shall miss Eric more than we can say. We all need to give special furry hugs to one another to help ease our sadness.
    Your floof is gorgeous Miss Gemini

  11. Terrible indeed. We’re reeling about the loss of Eric and so many other cats recently. Off to my acupuncturist right now. Purrs to you Miss Gemini, mom and the rest of the gang.

  12. We are crushed and so sad about the loss of dear Eric.

  13. you are a very good floofy girl sweet Gemini. We will miss Eric so much. ::sob::

  14. We are devastated by the loss of Eric.
    Seems we have known him forever and cannot imagine things without him.
    At this sad time it is sad that your Mom will be away.
    Your lovely floof does help a little.
    WE purr your Mom gets back to you quickly too !!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  15. Aw you has grate floof, Gemini. It help tha sads about Eric. purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs

  16. Another mum that won’t stay home with her kitties. Not good.

    Yeah, a day later and we are still furry bummed about Eric.

  17. You are very sweet.
    I am sure you can comfort a lot!!

    Big hugs to you !!
    So sad about Eric.

  18. Thank you for your thoughts for our handsome boy. We miss him terribly, but all the love sent out to him and to us are helping us in our grief.
    Jackie, Ivor and Flynn.

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