Tabby Toesday

IMG_2713smIf you look closely you can see I am pointing my toe. This isn’t a close up like Mama usually does but she is getting down to the bottom of the recent photos. She did take some today and she even took one of me in Chey’s bed.  Yes, sometimes I sleep in Chey’s bed when Chey is sleeping in one of her two other beds.  Sometimes I like it too!

But when she took this photo a few weeks ago, it was sunny and I was catching the rays under the bed!


  1. Great pic of you! We were wondering if your Mommy had to get on the floor to get this photo, cause we think those are the best ones! MOL!

  2. You always look good, Gemini. Catching rays is the best.


  3. Catching rays is fun, Miss Gemini
    and you look gorgeous as always ( Wink )

    Puddy Boy

  4. No matter when this photo was taken, it is still a nice one of you, Gemini.

  5. We can see the sun patch.
    It is worth catching Gemini!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  6. Excellent toe pointing today, Gemini and also sun ray catching – perhaps could you send some of those rays our way?


  7. You always look lovely, Gemini!

    The Chans

  8. Hello pretty Gemini, you are sure looking toeterrific!

  9. Your pointy toe is furry attractive, Miss Gemini 🙂

  10. Catching rays is a good thing to do Miss Gemini.

  11. Miss Gemini you look gorgeous no matter the time of day or area of the shot!

  12. Hello Miss Gemini, you beautyouse lady cat.

  13. Purrs from one meezer to another 🙂

  14. such a gorgeous kitty!

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