Sunday Guest Star: Nigel and Cory

NigelWell, alas I am still stuck in Seward, Alaska as no one found me. Nigel got the closest saying, “Anchorage Alaska! Nigel is helping mom google paw tonight…and cruise FB!”.  Or maybe Cory said that was what Nigel said.  He needed to search a little harder.

Many people thought maybe I was in British Columbia but I was farther north, in Alaska.  I’m surprised that it was that hard. I tried to give lots of hints here and also on Facebook but no one found me.

As to those who wonder why I am north, I will give a hint.  Soon the Woman and the Male are going on vacation to Cancun.  Yes, that should be farther south and a different selection of cool places to find me.  And if I stay lost there, at least it’s just one big litter box with sunshine!  Did you know we had snow here yesterday? Yuck.


  1. It’s a bit like Alaska here at the moment!!! It looked warmer there, though!!

  2. Chey, we hope that despite not being found, you can come home. The mom went to Cancun a number of years ago and had a good time. We hope your humans have fun…and there should be no snow!

  3. Wow….has this ever happened before? Mom should have known since she’s been to Seward. Dumb Mom!

    We hope your humans have fun on their trip!

    The Florida Furkids

  4. Heck, we were looking for a mountain, not a city. Duhr.

  5. Thank you for your kind thoughts and words. We miss Eric very much and appreciate all the love and kindness from everyone.
    Concats to Nigel and Cory.

  6. Congratulations to Nigel and Cory!

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