Mancat on Monday

IMG_2583smYep, there are photos of me but they are still in the camera so you get this one from when I was examining the Mousebreath bag we got. Did you know that Chey and I do a weekly column? Yep, we work together.

In other news, the woman was disappointed that she got a new angel fish the other day and it is already dying. She is very disappointed. It was a cool looking one but it probably got over stressed being chased around the tank and all.

And she’s up to ten different potential covers for her book. Now all she has to do is decide upon one.  Except she keeps making more instead of deciding.  Maybe she shouldn’t have gotten the 10,000 font package.


  1. Fonts have caused many sleepless nights here.
    ; )

  2. My human wants the 10,000 font package! Like she doesn’t have enough to distract her.

  3. Mom is a font freak too :/
    You still look handsome Ichiro 🙂

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  4. Maybe you should climb inside that bag, Ichiro. It could be a great snoozing spot!

  5. wow, 10,000 book covers would be a lot to choose from. MOL

  6. heh heh…we cats are smart to keep it simple! Eat, sleep, play, nap. And poop.

  7. Oh wow Mom said she would love the 10,000 new fonts!

    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini!

  8. WOW, that is a lotta fonting!!!

  9. That is too many to choose from. Like us having lots of noms to choose from. Throw a dart and pick one.

  10. Eric’s passing has really got us down. I hope your Mom has a safe trip with good results.

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