Mad Mancat on Monday

IMG2738smMom took a whole lot of photos today.  She kept taking of them of Gemini because she thought she didn’t have any of Gemini.  She always takes some of Chey because Chey won’t ever look at her.  She took a couple of me, but mostly when I was with Chey but you know what?  When she got the new photos off the camera, this was the only photo of me alone (that wasn’t blurry) but she got a ton of Gemini from the last time she took pictures and didn’t take them off the camera.  Can you imagine?

I am the most photogenic boy and this is the only shot.  How rude is that? I might have to go sit on Chey’s head to comfort myself.

But you know what? The book proof is on it’s way and next week Mom hopes to get it set up on Kindle and then she’ll be playing Smashwords and Barnes and Noble.


  1. It’s a great pic. We can see how very handsome you are! ::smooches:: from our Mommy.

  2. What a great picture of you! We’re excited for your mom and her new book.

  3. That is a very photogenic portrait!

  4. Ichiro:
    Mom has some furry good photos of you from that time she visited your howse. Don’t worry! You’re furry handsome … an’ I’M mancat enough to say so!

  5. Your mom doesn’t have to take a ton of photos of you. One click…purrfection!!

    Handsome boy.

  6. You are an unbelievably handsome mancat and don’t let THEM tell you otherwise!

  7. Awesome news about the book – and awesome pic of you, Ichiro!

  8. Ichiro, Don’t worry about the others . You are The Handsome Mancat of TODAY !!!!
    Happy Monday, Dude ; )

  9. Well !!!!!
    At least she got this picture of you!
    You are SO handsome 🙂
    You pose well too.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  10. It may be the only one, Ichiro, but it’s a very nice one. You look VERY handsome and most manly!

    The Chans

  11. that’s a great pikshur of you!!!!

  12. We bet your picture is the best one of all of them, Ichiro. We think you look very handsome there.

  13. We think that the reason the pictures of you, Ichiro, were so blurry is that your mom got so excited with your handsomeness and was shaking in awe of you. The one that did come out is purrfect!

  14. I agree with Cory, when you get the best the first time why go on!

  15. Ichiro, why do you look so sad? Happy Mancat Monday! Looking forward to hearing more about the book.

  16. Ichiro that is a fine picture of you!
    Mom is happy when she gets one blurry free picture of me!

    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini, can’t wait to see those new pictures of you!

  17. Girls have a way of getting most of the pictures.

  18. Icharo! Mes is so in loves! Will yous send out Pawtographed copies?

  19. This is a terrific and great picture~!
    Very handsome!

  20. you certainly are photogenic!

  21. For what it’s worth, that one picture is very good! 🙂

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