Find Chey Friday #210

NBWell last week, I remained lost.  I can’t believe no one could find me in Seward Alaska, looking across the bay where the cruise ships dock.  This one could be even harder. Of course, I’ve been to the area before.  And there is no water, although there are mountains.

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  1. Vespa and Vincent says:

    Someplace near Whistler Mountain?

  2. As usual, I have know idea, but it sure is pretty.

  3. Is that the Appalachian Mountains in the background? Mum and I are trying to find somewhere to start looking.

  4. No idea! Is that the house of someone famous?

  5. We never help find you, gorgeous Chey; sorry honey, but our Mommy is no help at all…Good luck, precious girl=you have to get home in time for the Easter Bunny!!…Happy Easter weekend, lovely friends…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. Somewhere in Washington….somewhere….

  7. Are you in the Alps? We’re gonna use that one until you actually are there! 😉

  8. Hmmm….somewhere that the speed limit is 25mph……

    The Florida Furkids

  9. No clue, but did you go back to Alaska this week?

  10. Well Cory is right, somewhere in Washington…. Maybe I can get a cup of some damn fine coffee and a piece of Cherry Pie while I wait…

  11. There so many mountains in the Cascades, Baker, Stuart, Rainier… whew getting tired thinking about them. I’d rather be climbing! Happy Easter weekend!

  12. Twin Peaks, Washington where the old TV show was set. Not sure if the building is significant. But at least we have the town nailed down. Say hi to Agent Cooper. You can have our cherry pie, we don’t really care for it.

  13. Sadly there is no town of Twin Peaks, but there is a town it was filmed in…

  14. And no, the building was built only a few years ago, but this should give you the city and perhaps even the name of the mountain… and maybe the name of one of the small companies in the building…

  15. Dang, I thought they were tough when they were easy!

  16. Taking your clue, Chey, Twin peaks was filmed in Snowqualmie and North Bend…

  17. The diner in North Bend, WA. Now go home for Easter and get lots of treats.

  18. We had NO idea at anny point… MOL!

  19. I’m a few blocks from the Diner in North Bend. Mountain anyone? Mountain? And perhaps that building has a view…

  20. Chey everyone is still looking for you…we have no idea. But we sure hope you are safely found.

    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini.

  21. Is it Mt. Si and is the building near Si View park?

  22. It is Mt. Si, but not the building by Si View Park!

  23. Iffin’ you want a mountain name, Mount Si?

  24. Yep. That’s it!

  25. OMC, we really found you. NOW, go home and get treats for Easter!

  26. Is it in Ogle Place near to Twede’s Cafe?

  27. Wow!! That was an ordeal for you, Chey!! Hope you stayed warm!

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