Sunday Guest Star: Truffle and Brulee

Wordless Wed Feb13Well this one was a little harder.  Eric and Flynn said come here too!  Our folks saw this. And I thought, wow, look at all those fishes!  No one found me until Truffle and Brulee said, “You’re at the Fisherman Statue in the Marsaxlokk village located in the south-eastern part of Malta.”

And yes, I am in Malta at that statue!  Look at how smart those little girls are!

Again, we’d like to thank Eric and Flynn for their suggestion!  The Woman has been running out of interesting places that she’s visited and their person kindly allowed her to use some of their world travel photos.  Cool huh?  We are still purring hard for Eric cause he is one of our most favoritest cats ever and we want him to be feeling great cause who else would catch all those mousies for us?


  1. Those pretty girls are gonna grow up to be Rocket Scientists! They are Smart.

  2. We were so excited to figure out where you were. We made Mom Paula stay awake a couple of extra hours to help us search for you.

    We’re still purring for Eric, too!

  3. Concats to those adorable dessert sisfurs!

  4. Concats to those clever ladies Truffle and Brulee.

  5. Congrats to Truffle and Brulee! For young cats, they sure are smart.

  6. The desset sisters showing us how to be smart and beautiful!

  7. Gorgeous and smart is one pretty combination!

  8. Concats for T&B, mum hasn’t been anywhere lately. So we would have to raid her old pictures.

  9. We would have never guessed in 9 lives. Concats to the beauty and brains duo.

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