Sunday Guest Star: Smarty Pants Katie

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Baby Katie proves that you can be cute and smart.

Given the speed with which she guessed and how often she has found me, I think Katie get’s Mao’s Smarty Pants award (a nickname to be worn with pride through the Blogosphere).  Mere moments after I was lost, I was found.  Katie said, “Are you at the St. Mark’s Clock Tower in Venice, Italy?”

Why yes, yes I was. Little Isis came by and said, “We hope you get some fishy flakes, Chey! Like Pisces fishy flakes! Don’t be late for your treat, by looking at this clock! My human thinks this is the Zodiac Clock in Venice. Maybe we can all go for a gondola ride and ask tourists “Hey, what’s your sign?

Both cats were right!  Wow.  Venice must be a popular hangout!  Fortunately I was found so quickly, as Prancer Pie said he missed the boat.  Or perhaps he missed the gondola?

And once again, thanks to my friends Eric and Flynn for sending me to some creative places.  I can only hope that this starts giving other cats a chance who might not always know where I am!  And purrs to Little Miss Isis as well as that handsome boy Eric (although with breakfast in bed, maybe we should all take a page from his book?)


  1. Ya sure gotta be fast ta get a guess in these days! We need ta travel more…

  2. I gotta get out more! We had no idea where you were. Concats to Smarty Pants Katie!

  3. We wanna see Katie with those Smarty Pants ON!

  4. Now if it was a picture of Lassie Lake, or Kelowna, or Midway, or Banff, wes mights get it but wes never been anyplace fancy

  5. Ooh, Katie snuck in with the right name right before we could post. 🙂
    My NTM remembers that from researching about Venice, plus he likes that zodiac stuff. Congrats to Katie!

  6. Concats to you, Miss Katie!

  7. Concats to Katie! She found you very quickly.

  8. Congrats to little Miss Smartie Pants Katie. Though we’ve never actually seen her wear pants let alone smart ones.

  9. Well I knew all along that Katie was a smart one!

  10. hehe!!!
    I’m going to get my paws on a one-way ticket for *someone*… I’ll even pack his bags.

    I kind of like my new nickname. ; )

  11. Happy for you, Katie!!

  12. Way to go Katie!!!
    We would like to see your smarty pants too 😉
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

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