Sunday Guest Star: Katie

katie with hearts from www.glogirly.comHere I was lying down to take a take a nap because I thought it would be awhile but who showed up almost immediately?  Katie!  She said, “Are you in Greece? More specifically, Achilleion (Corfu) The sculpture is the Achilleas thniskon in the gardens of the Achilleion.?? Katie (Waffles Too was NO help)”

And she was right.  That meant opening an eye or two to know where I was already.  And to wonder if there was good fish in Greece?

Eric and Flynn were impressed.  They were the cats who suggested I go there.  They were kind enough to let me know where to go and to get here with this large statue.  Isn’t it cool? And with my friend Eric rather under the weather too!   How fine of him is that?  Have you gone to visit them and made sure he’s doing okay too?  I have been having large rumbly purrs on the Woman’s lap for him.

And Katie, PSST. I’m concerned at how far back I had to go in your blog to find a photo of ONLY you… Just saying. Watch out for that little boy cat. They take over EVERYTHING.


  1. Vespa and Vincent says:

    Awe want to go there too. We didn’t know about thus place till your picture show up. Congratulations to Katie!

  2. Koncats, Katie! We ladycats know who’s the brains of the outfit at Casa de la Katie!

  3. Chey I share your concern. It’s Waffles this, Waffles that, Waffles, Waffles, Waffles. Thank you for finding a photo of me without ….WAFFLES!

    : ) Katie

  4. Concats Miss Katie,
    And your photo make my heart melts ; )

  5. Chey, maybe you can help Katie stage a comeback!! Waffles Too has far too much fur time!!

  6. Concats to Katie! Yes, we have noticed all the photos are of Katie AND Waffles Too, or even worse, Waffles on his own.

  7. Congrats to Katie!!

  8. Beautiful Katie sure is a smart one too!

  9. Concats to Katie!

    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini

  10. Katie did it again! We are envious…

  11. ah, look at Katie’s lovey-dovey face! we can’t wait to find out who is making all those little hearts swirl around her head. Or maybe those are just the spots she’s seeing becuz W2 whapped her a good one. either way, good to see you again!

  12. we love Katie and we died laughing at the last paragraph of this post 🙂

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