Sunday Guest Star: Derby and Ducky

IMGP5472Wow.  Cats were guessing I was all over the place.  But finally, after everyone was starting to think no one would find me, Derby and Ducky managed it. They said, “Mt Shasta in Catifornia, or California?”  And they were right.

And no one even came by to be more specific, although really, who would be? I’m somewhere riding along in the car on I-5.  The Woman was hopeful of getting a good photo but where they stopped the mountain was clouded over. It came out, but not when she had a view, so this was all she got.  Apparently the mountain thinks of her much like I do!

And for all you cats who didn’t think they knew where I was, remember you could have been right!

Oh and any of you who have traveling folk, I’m low on good places to visit so would love suggestions if your humans have any!


  1. Concats to Derby and Ducky! Have an easy Sunday, furriends. xoxo

  2. Thank cod somecat found you, Chey! Congrats to Derby and Ducky!

  3. Concats to Derby and Ducky!

  4. Chey, have you ever thought of going abroad? 😉

  5. Nope, I don’t think I will ever find you, but I hang around with smart friends who seem to know lots!

  6. Derby and Ducky and reeeely smart! We’ll haf to help yoo find some other places to go.

  7. Lucky guess, you don’t have to know. It was the only mountain in the west, and not in the other states you said weren’t correct. Anything is worth a guess.

  8. Congratulations to Derby and Ducky!
    And Happy Sunday to your family, Chey.

  9. You can come and visit us anytime, Chey! Anytime at all. Meow for the Terrific Tabbies!

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