Find Chey Friday #206


This is an interesting place, but I do with I could figure out a way home. Can anyone help me? I hate getting lost.  Sir, over there, with the car, do you have GPS?

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  1. Goodness, you mean we are the first to come across you? Hmmm, not sure about this, mum isn’t sure either. St Mark’s Square in Venice?

  2. Smarty pants is stumped and the orange brat is no help at all.
    ; )

  3. We don’t know, Chey. Good luck getting found.

  4. We don’t know, but there are tourists, so it must be a great spot to visit. Happy Friday!

  5. Even with biggification…we got nothing. Hope you have snacks Chey!

  6. We don’t know but it looks Italian. Never mind it’s your BIRTHDAY!!! have an awesome purry day!

  7. We do not know where you are, but it looks sunny and warm!!
    We would like to join you, as it’s a little snowy here 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  8. We don’t know where… but we bet there’s a pawty goin’ on up in hee-ya! Happy Birthday Chey, have a fun vacation!

  9. OMC! Chey, you better be found fast so we can celebrate your birthday! Happy Birthday!!

  10. Fuzzy Tales says:

    We don’t know, but we came to wish you a happy birthday–it’s listed on the CB today! Surely your human didn’t forget. 😉

  11. We don’t know but we sure hope you make it home for your birthday!
    Happy Birthday Chey!!

    The Florida Furkids

  12. We hope someone finds you quick so we can join you and get your party started. Happy Birthday!!!

  13. I am not in Venice! Sigh. And yes, my birthday was forgotten…

  14. Happy Birthday, we hopes you find you way home in time to celebrate. Sorry we haven’t a clue where you are.

  15. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    chey…stoppin by with best fishes for a veree happee birthday; heerz ta 50 mor !! hope ewe get lots oh cake, donuts, pies, trout, fish flakes, a 2013 FURRareez, sum flounder, toona, ham samiches, pizza pies, steaks, burgers, mackeral, salmon, a mew cat tree with a fridgertorz attached and we think ewe iz in:


    hope ewe haze veree happy day, enjoy and haz fun !!

  16. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    pea ess…N a grate week oh end ta everee one az well 🙂

  17. Happy Birthday Chey! We hope someone finds you soon or you may miss out on the fishy flakes.

  18. We hope you are having a nice purrthday at at secret, undisclosed location, with the mancat of your choice. Other than that we don’t have a clue.

  19. Chey you can’t be lost on your purrday!
    Many happy purrs to you.
    Now let’s eat cake.
    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini

  20. We is going to take a wild guess here based upon something Eric and Flynn’s mum said on FacePook. Something about not being where the spotty dogs are.

    Here is our logic
    Spotty dog=Dalmatian
    Dalmatian = the Dalmatian coast in Europe
    E&F’s beans went on a cruise many years ago and visited here

    One of the cities in Croatia is Dubrovnik which is on the Dalmatian Coast.

    So our guess is Dubrovnik, but exactly where in that purrty little town we don’t know. We can find any on line pictures to match up. But we hope we are close. Since you are by the sea, go get a fish fry, it’s FRIDAY.

  21. Happy Birthday, Chey, wherever you may be!

    The Chans

  22. I do not believe it is Dubrovnik but it is Croatia! So yes. I think the boys have split up to give you different clues!

  23. We searched, but we couldnt find you Chey! Sorry…

  24. Holy Moley!! You are way away!! We are glad you got found!! Now we can celebrate your Birthday!
    Howdy from your TX furiends.

  25. Looks like you are well and truly lost this time Chey. We are of divided opinion as to whether you will be found.

  26. TeeHee, now we get your hint. After a bit more searching you are in the town of Split in Croatia on the Dalmatian Coast. In one of the lovely squares they have, not sure which one, but we will split up to find you!

    Will bring fishy flakes with us.

  27. Is it the Mediterranean square and palace in Split, Croatia? If so, let the party begin!

  28. Well I hope you are not still lost Chey and Happy Belated Birthday. Sorry I am late, we had a big rescue fundraiser yesterday and Dad wouldn’t let me use the computer.

  29. Happy Purrfday Chey – keep partying with the spotty dogs – I’m shur that we will find you if the music gets too loud

  30. We agree with Laila and Minchie. Our paws are tired from checking out this town. We found other photo’s that call this the “The Mediterranean square and red palace at Split, Croatia”

    So we will unpack the fishy flakes. Let’s see what else mum put in our lunch boxes. Ohhh, ham, chicken and some nip. Let the party begin.

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