Chey in the Sun Wednesday

IMG_2691smI love it when we get sun puddles. And yesterday was no exception.  I even let her take a photo. Enjoy.


  1. I posted snow and you posted sun, it’s like opposite post day. MOL

  2. Great stretch! We did take note of those very sharp daggers you have, too. Nice!

  3. Yum! Sun puddles rule.

  4. Sun puddles are the best. We get all melty when we lay in them.

  5. The sun makes us feel mellow too. It feels good to have a nice long stretch with the sun warming the belly.

  6. Delicious!!!

    The Chans

  7. Chey, you look like you don’t even see that flashy box! Enjoy your sun!

  8. very nice!!!! you look happy!

  9. you look lux-ur-ee-us!!!! Enjoy your sunpuddle!
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  10. That looks purrfect Chey!

  11. Now that was a good puddle!!

  12. What a stretch! You’re one goodlooking girl, Chey.

  13. We had some sun puddles today, too!

  14. Oh wow, look at you all stretchy and stuff. Mom is a bit upset she can’t see your belly. Silly mom.

  15. beautiful yoga stretch!

  16. Chey – you and that sun puddle make a stunning couple!

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