Updates on Tuesday

IMG_2464smMama was doing a lot of techy stuff today.  She was tracking down stuff with her business name which she changed over a year ago, but had not been reported to the Department of Revenue.  She called them and they sent her to Business Licensing.  And then Business Licensing sent her to Department of Revenue.  Everyone was very nice but clearly no one wanted to admit it was their fault.

Then she got to update our theme.  It went well. Genesis is very good about that and of course we have a child theme so that when the main theme updates we don’t lose anything.  Mama really likes that.

She is finally getting over her cold.  I am glad about that because maybe now she will not sneeze on me.  You notice I had to go up high so she would not sneeze on me?  Yes, that is why I am up high. Well that and getting away from Ichiro.


  1. My human has been trying to get my blog switched over to Genesis since last September, but the woman who was doing my blog’s stuff seems to have flaked out.

  2. Our Mommy hates those kinds of chores the most! She’ll whine for days about them. We hope your Mommy continues to feel better. Have a happy Tuesday!

  3. Sounds like your mommy has been very busy, Gemini. We hope she had time to give you some scritches…without sneezing on you!

  4. Glad to hear your mom is getting over her cold. Our mom has been sick for a week and now it’s going to her head. Those sneezes scare the bajeezees out of us!

  5. Gemini
    Your Mom has been very busy!
    Hope she is feeling better.
    You look fabulously beautiful as always.

  6. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    gemini..tell yur mom a wrap her head in trout slices…knot onlee will it cure her cold and make her smell grate, she will haz dinner…that close by…act shoe a lee any fish but halibutt will werk 🙂

  7. All that kind of fun stuff really wears a human out, you kitties should lay on her computer so she doesnt have to do it!

  8. be sure to stay up there even if she stops sneezing. it’ll probably just be a trick to get you to come down. good luck!

  9. Yep, higher is better. Germs fall to the ground, Ichiro too!

  10. Yech, nothing worse than bureaucracy!

  11. We didn’t know your mom was sick. We hope she’s feeling better soon.

  12. techie stuff and colds are ick and no fun. We’re in the some boat. Let’s hope for smoother sailing.

  13. Ugg…. Department of Revenue!! Hope all goes well and that your human feels better soon!

  14. Gemini we hopes your Mommy stops sneezing on you how very rude of her to do that.

  15. Catching cold is really not comfy.
    I am glad your mommy is feeling better.

  16. Has yer Mom visited the Department of Redundancy Department yet?

  17. I don’t know how, but somehow we’ve all managed to NOT get a cold this year. I do hope that continues.

    LOL @ Mark’s Mews’ comment. Our government is replete with redundancy, so where to begin…. that is the real problem!

  18. We are not sure why Mom is giggling, but we are liking that picture of you Gemini 🙂
    We purr your Mom feels better soon!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

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