Sunday Guest Star: Finny, Buddy and Jasmine

boys in pink chairsWell, this was easier than I thought.  Finnegan, Buddy and Jasmine came by and said, “Astoria, Oregon we’re purrty sure! Be careful on that trolley, Chey!!”  Wow, so fast.  I hardly went anywhere on that trolley!

Eric and Flynn were helpful and added information so that I could enjoy my trolley ride, “We just found it too. We looked at the photo in our reader instead of coming here first to see if you were found. This is what we found when we googled “trolley car 300? :Ride the newly restored Old 300 trolley along Astoria’s waterfront. The Old 300 was originally built in 1913 and is a 20-ton, 40-passenger trolley. The trolley will travel on Astoria’s original train tracks between the East End Mooring Basin and West End Mooring Basin, and will pass along Astoria’s historic working waterfront. Concats to F,B and J.”

So wow, wasn’t that fun.  Now, for all those cats who think, Wow, I’ve never gotten one once in 200 finds, that means nothing. I know cats who insist they never find me and then go through phases of finding me every week.  Also, Finnegan, Buddy and Jasmine said I should go visit them, but I’ve been to the Carolinas several times, both thanks to the Woman as well as Mom Paula!


  1. Chey, me never ever can figure out where yous is…
    Mommy is inept!

  2. We have GOT to learn to stay up later on THURSDAYS to get in on the Friday Find Chey action…

  3. My brain was just stuck in thinking those cars belong in SF…I pondered it knowing that was wrong, but I could never get my thinks to go in the right direction. Kudos to Fin and Buddy and Jasmine for having working brains!

  4. It’s always a mystery to us where you are Chey!!

  5. Concats to Finnegan, Buddy and Jasmine !

  6. WE never find you either but it is fun trying to guess where you are. Hope all of you have a super Sunday.

  7. Congrats to Finny, Buddy and Jasmine. And congrats on 200 Find Cheys. We think we’ve only been first to find you once.

  8. Fast and smart, so cool!

  9. We are one of the geographically lost ones…but we have fun wondering just the same!

  10. We blame mum, by the time she lets us visit you are already found. She has to stay up later!

  11. Congrats to the smarty-pants’s!!!
    ; ) Katie

  12. We’ve been lucky to find you a few times since we came to live with Mom Paula. We think Sweet Praline is helping us out.

    Feel free to come to the Carolinas anytime!

  13. Well we found you once long ago, but lately we haven’t had a clue. We always enjoy learning about where you have gone.

  14. Gee! Ya gotta love the CB kitties!
    Not only can they find you, we get educated too 🙂
    How cool is that!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

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