Sun Times Tabby

IMG_2609smI am enjoying the sunshine. Of course Mama sort of blocked it when she had to take photos and that bothers me. I liked being in the sun shine.

And of course where she went, Ichiro went.


  1. That’s the trouble with being so darn cute… people want to get your picture all the time!

  2. There never any peace, is there, Gemini?

  3. Gemini, I think your mom couldn’t resist your cute ; )

  4. Gemini, how could anyone resist your cute? Even the sunbeam can’t. We hope your mom got out of the way and let the sunbeam back on you as soon as she was done with the flashy box.

  5. Oh Miiss Gemini
    You look so happy in that sunbeam!
    Kisses to my gorgeous girl!

  6. Hello, beautiful Gemini=enjoy your beams, sweetheart!…Happy week ahead, precious friends…xoxo…Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. you look purry happy

  8. Hope she got her picture and was out of your face pronto!

  9. It does look like you are enjoying some partial warm goodness!

  10. We agree, it is annoying when you are enjoying that lovely sunshine, and then someone blocks it from you.

  11. pretend she isn’t there. perfect the “i am looking straight through you, you boring creature, you…” look. always helps.

  12. You are having great time, I can see from your eyes.

  13. that sun looks delightful! Wish we had some here!

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