Broken Up Mancat

IMG_2356funYeah, Mom had to be all funky about this image. She just upgraded to Elements 11 and actually found a few new things that the older version didn’t have.  So there I am being a model. What do you think?

I think I’m a good model for stuff like this! I mean, what did I have to do?!

So now, if only I can get her to give me a few treats for my hard work, that would be great wouldn’t it?


  1. Pixel and samba says:

    Oh my no treats for modeling. Yu need to talk to daisy and get into the union for proper payment

  2. Ichiro, you posed for that pic! You are IN the pic,therefore you deserve treats!!!
    Tell your Mom that is the rate for posing. If she argues, tell her Daisy gets paid!!!!
    Mom is happy to know Elements 11 has a few new things 🙂 She will be using 10 for a while though.
    We do like the “broken” picture 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  3. We think you’re a great model, Ichiro. But you deserve lots of treats for all your hard work.

  4. You look like a big puzzle! You definitely deserve tons of treats.

  5. You take a good picture, Ichiro and I like the effect. You tell your Mom that all the kitty models get paid in treats.


  6. Excellent! We think you deserve lots of treats for your hard work. MOL!

  7. Yes, you definitely should get treats for your extra work, Ichiro! ‘Cause I can tell this took LOTS of extra effort on your part.

  8. WOW! That is a cool picture your Mom made! We think you deserve some treats, too, Ichiro!
    Howdy from your TX furiends,

  9. you deserve eleventy seven treats!

  10. You deserve huggz too!!!=^Y^=

  11. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    it iz veree puzzlin ta uz ichiro…..we hope yur mom doez knot get any ideaz like this for find chey fryday… N if ewe dial 1 -800- eye am a kitteh who kneads treetz sew send em over rite a way mister

    ewe can haz em dee livered rite ta de front door by like 7:13 pea emm

  12. Ichiro
    you are a great model!

    hello gorgeous Miss Gemini

  13. Hey, lots of us like that picture too, so we should all get treats!

  14. Sometimes breaking up is hard to do.
    ; ) Katie

  15. Of course you should be paid in treats for your modelling assignment.

  16. Ichiro, you’re perfect in the center and as the center of attention.

  17. Ichiro, yous breaks me up, er, yous is all broke up, er breaking up is hard to do…er me better quit while me is ahead

  18. You continue to be a “puzzle” to Chey, we’re sure! MOL

  19. wow…elements 11…you have some mad computer ninja skillz at your house! Mrs. Whatsername is still struggling with how to “upload” pictures. but, yeah, be sure to contact the Screen Actors’ Guild. I’m sure there is a MINIMUM chewy treat per photo shot. know yer rights!

  20. Oh Ichiro, we sure do know what you mean!! The male at our house is obsessed with photography and uses a program called Lightroom to do all kinds of things with us… we just try to cooperate, because the sooner he takes the picture, the sooner we can go back to our napping in peace!

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