Sunday Guest Star: Sanjee

Oops this is Mini Tocks. I hope Sanjee doesn’t get mad…

Well this was harder than I thought, but Sanjee found us, “Is dat where BZTAT lives (and Brewskiebutt)? In Canton O-Hi-O?”  Yes, we were with artist BZ Tat, who graciously allowed us to use that image for the publicity.  And yes, Brewskie Buttlives with her.

We almost did this last week because she does personalized artwork (Is anyone getting me a Chey portrait? I’d like that!).  Check out her holiday gift gallery. She’s probably booked for the holiday pet portraits (unless you all want one of me, perhaps she would squeeze that in) but you can gift certificates and some of her general artwork, which is pawsome!  Also, if you want to share your blessings for those less fortunate, you can do so through Okey’s Promise.



  1. Congratulations to Sanjee. We had no clue!

  2. We love BZ Tat’s work – not only is it awesome and colorful, her non-animal paintings ALSO rule!

  3. We hadn’t a clue. Concats to Sanjee!

  4. She is one talented artist fur sure! Congrats to Sanjee!

  5. Concats to Sanjee!

  6. That was a hard one!

  7. Sanjee is one clever fuzz. We’re always clueless!

  8. Concats to Sanjee!

  9. We are purring for Jan and her whole Fambly!

  10. Yay! I is so honored! I even not meow bad about Mini tocks. Efurrybody so happy she doings okay wif her sick.

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