Sunday Guest Star: Eric and Flynn and da Trout Talking Tabbies

Eric and Flynn 24.12.12 027Well, I got off to a wrong start, guiding people, Prancer Pie said, “USS Constitution in Boston, Mass?”  I wasn’t on the Constitution but I thought I was in Boston. Alas that was not so.  Which made guessing a little harder because I thought I was in Boston. However, Cory Cat, who suggested this trip (and whose human graciously allowed us to use her photo), said, NO! You’re not in Boston.  Well where was I?

Eric and Flynn said, “We are going to sack our mum because she really thought she recognised the place. Is it Salem? We still have no idea which ship it is though.”  And then, da Trout Talking Tabbies said, “de name oh de ship we think iz friendship”  And yes, they were right!  Eric and Flynn found the right ship just moments later–but no worry there is fish for all!

Derby said, “Derby Wharf, Derby Street! Why didn’t I know about this place all about ME.”  Wow!  I had no idea I was honoring such a good friend.  Why yes, Derby it is all about you (when it isn’t all about me).

Angel Zevo Hussein Calamari came by to educate us, “This is the Friendship which is usually docked in Salem MA at Derby Wharf. It is also the ship commandeered by Captain Jack Sparrow and the Pooses for Peace. This took place when the headquarters for the domestic tearrist group was in Salem run by the infamous Zevo hussein Calamari. Thank you for honoring her with this Find Chey blogpost. xoxoxo”


  1. pixel and Samba says:

    damn it. This is 2 miles from our house but our sick mom never got to see the post. And why did you not come and visit us.

  2. ‘Cause your mom was real sick and I knew she’d put herself out for me (cause I’m Chey) so I didn’t come by. I might have dropped in if no one had found me though!

  3. Wow, there are more famous ships stiII around than we knew!

  4. Heh-heh, this was more fun than gettin it correct! Concats to Eric and Flynn, and those Trout-Talkin Tabbies!

  5. Wow, when mom was there she didn’t realize that she could have got a kitty fix at the same time!

  6. Such smart ones, and they always impress!!!

  7. …and to think we totally missed out on that bit of history: The Pooses for Peace. *sigh*

    We’ll catch up someday! MOL!

  8. It is all about you and me, isn’t it.

  9. all we can say is that there are some very smart kitties on da web!

    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini!
    Ping purrs

  10. A tie of two cat bloggers we love. That’s a win win!

  11. Yayy! Maybe we will give our mum a second chance. Concats to those Trout Talking Tabbies!

  12. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    thanx mew chey for de fish 🙂


    A perch in everee pocket
    A salmon in everee sock
    Hope yur new yeerz eve
    Trooly doez rock
    A whitefish in everee wagon
    A bass in everee bowl
    Hope yur new yeerz day
    Trooly doez roll
    A herring N everee hammick
    A trout in everee tanx
    High pawz N headbonkz
    For yur friendship we due thanx

    We hope everee one haza pawsum
    awesum soooper grate happee healthee
    2013; may yur lives bee enriched with
    loves N thanx for putting up with all
    R burd non cents de live long yeer

  13. Happy New Year to you all.

  14. What a cute and cozy, cuddly cat. Snug into its parents bed. Very amusing post that has so much more to it then just a conversation going on. Is this cat actually yours? I enjoyed your post thanks for sharing it with us all.

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