Memories on Monday

We had a post planned for reviewing the Dalai Lama’s Cat book that we won but that will have to wait until next week.

This week we are remembering Sam, Sabrina and Simon’s mom Jan.  She was a good friend to our person on Facebook.  The humans had Missouri on their list of possible places to retire to.  I know they talked some about meeting her one day.  Last time they traveled they decided on North Carolina.  Missouri was still on the list.  The Woman laughed with Jan when they had all that snow last year (or was it the year before?) because the Male was not into snow.

She hoped that one day she would get to meet this woman in person but that is not to be.  Our thoughts to her family and close friends, who we wish we could have counted ourselves among-we were fortunate indeed to have at least have known her in virtual time and space.


  1. We are very sad about Jan too. Jan could always make us smile with a post or with a comment. We will really miss her.

    The Florida Furkids

  2. We think this post must have been hard to write, Chey. We admire you momma’s diplomacy ‘cuz she’s obviously hurting over this loss in the cat blogosphere. Those we’ve ‘known’ for years, we may never really know an’ our time is short. Hugs for your momma an’ for Jan’s fambly in their grief.
    & Jessica

  3. We are so sad to hear about Jan. Our mom and Jan had plans to meet in person next fall when our Gamecocks traveled to Missouri for the football games.

  4. We are really sad about Jan too. We have lost a dear friend. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family, especially her husband…and Sabrina, Sam and Simon.

  5. We are so sad at our house…we will plan a post for Jan but right now we are just having a hard time.

  6. Vespa and Vincent says:

    We are very sorry to hear about this loss. Please give the woman lots of purrs and hugs. We will make sure or mistress includes all off you in her nightly cat with the energy field.

  7. We were very sad to hear about Jan`s passing too. While we did not visit them often we remember when they joined the CB and the cute kitties.
    We send comforting purrs to Jan`s family.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  8. Our Jan is kind of shy in social settings so she’s not real into fb and didn’t know Jan there. But we all enjoyed Sabrina, Sam & Simon’s blog. It was a shock to us, so we know those of you who knew her better are hurting more.

  9. I hope your mom can hold on tight to the good things…it’s so sucky to lose a friend, but the silver lining is that there was a friend in the first place. And such a nice one, too…

  10. We were so saddened to hear the news. Our hearts go out to Jan’s family & friends. Especially her husband and kitties.
    ~Katie, Glogirly & Waffles TOO

  11. We did not know Jan, but the CB is a group of people who are nevertheless close in spirit, and her passing has left us feeling very sad as well.

  12. This was very sad and tragic news. We did not know Jan and her kitties all that well – they had stopped blogging much by the time I started visiting the blog. And it makes me sad I missed out on knowing her because she sounds like she was an awesome human.

  13. We followed Jan’s blog, though didn’t know her at all. We were stunned to hear of her death and are just sick at heart. 🙁

  14. We were very, very sad to hear that news too.

  15. We didn’t know Jan but her loss is sad because we are all part of a cat community and inter-connected in more ways than we know.

  16. We knew The Rocky Mt Meezers but because we don’t do FB we didnt know Jan.
    Her passing is very sad because she was so young and had so much life ahead of her.
    Her friends and family will be kept in our prayers.


  17. We are also sad here, so hard to believe.

  18. We are also very sad and have her family in our thoughts.

  19. We are very sad for Jan and her Family!! It is always sad to lose someone and she was a wonderful person! Lots of prayers and hugs for the Family and The Kitties!!
    Your TX furiends,

  20. We didn’t know Jan but agree with the others that it is a sad loss for you all. Sending hugs and prayers.

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