Find Chey Shopping Friday #3

katz34Yep, I’m still out shopping.  Hopefully you’re done but if you aren’t, maybe you’ll get some ideas today.   Remember I don’t just need to be found (although I hope you will so I can get home) but also who I am buying from.  What do you think of this place?

Remember, I’m always happy to take suggestions of what to put in my bag to take home for me.  Well, of course, I’m shopping for me!  Who else would I be shopping for?  Sheesh…

Find Full Find Chey Rules here, which, naturally, still apply as much as I want to make them.



  1. Singapore Malaysia???
    : ) Katie & Waffles TOO

  2. More specifically, Kuching North City Hall.

  3. Oh I believe you are right. I know you are right on the first one. Now, who could I be shopping with?

  4. Wow, Katie and Waffles Too are brilliant!

  5. The Cats from Sydney?

  6. Chey! You’re a world traveller!

  7. Are you getting silvervine pillows from Sillylupie? Or books from Au, Target and Guido?

  8. More shopping sounds always great to us!!!
    I think you are in a modern city which has lots of lots of great shopping points to go!

  9. That was fast! We were so focused on the kitty statues that we didn’t even look at the location!

  10. It is the Cat statue in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, and we think you are shopping with Au, Target and Guido from Katz Tales.

  11. Why Sparkle and Eric and Flynn, you are so right! Yes, I am getting books from Au, Target and Guido. Now that was easier than I thought it would be!

  12. Katz tales says:

    Wow you guys are so smart!!!

  13. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    cranberriez…N we new wear thiz statue bee two….

    stop by trout towne chey, no one will guess that one…even we dunno wear we R 🙂

    hay, hope ewe N yur crew haza grate week oh end !

  14. Whoa everyone is so fast!
    You are a world wide shopper Chey!

    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini!
    Ping purrs

  15. Gee, that was darn early and impressive shopping knowledge!

  16. pixel and Samba says:

    No clue but what a cool looking place. Are you posing so they can add you to the statue?

  17. Oh rats! We saw that yellow M sign right here in town, so we thought you were going to visit US!

  18. Well, we did not know where you were… but that McDonald’s sign sure is making us hungry for some yummy and unhealthy french fries!!

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