Sunday Guest Star: Shopping with Sparkle

So Prancer Pie set us on course by guessing Los Angeles.  Eric and Flynn said Eagle Rock, CA, which was even more correct!  And then Laila and Minchie said I was shopping with Sparkle which I was!  And they were right.  She has lots of good stuff.

Her Zazzle shop includes one of our favorite cards, The Thoughtful Card.  Yes, it does work with my sense of humor doesn’t it?  And of course she has her books, Dear Sparkle Cat to Cat Advice and Dear Sparkle Advice from One Cat to Another (No humans!)

I would like to thank Sparkle for getting me that image so quickly, which just looked like a great place to start shopping!  And now, where are you cats going shopping?  We have so many friends who have stores and run small businesses.  It’s a great way to support everyone!


  1. This was a great jumping off point for us! (and fun too) Happy Sunday, kittehz!

  2. Thanks for thinking of me, Chey! And I loved that you mentioned my own favorite holiday card! BTW, I was quite impressed by Eric and Flynn knowing about Occidental College! Until we had a president who went there, although briefly, I thought it was pretty obscure!

  3. Small Business Saturday and EVERY day is a great idea!

  4. Tres cool! Our mom’s so lame she PROBABLY couldn’t have guessed anyway, but how cool is it that you chose Eagle Rock & shopping with Sparkle! WE MOLed at the card too!

  5. That was just a purrfect shopping spree!!!

  6. We like Sparkle’s Thoughtful Cat card too. We have to admit to Sparkle that we only found the college by googling OXY125 seen on a post, then when we got Occidental College we googled it for the address. What would we do without Mr Google’s help?

  7. What a great idea! And how clever of Eric and Flynn to find you even with Mr. Google’s help.

  8. Excellent idea. Eric and Flynn are so super clever, they need their own award!

  9. Mom already bought a few gifts online from friends. She started at Angel and Isabella’s Mom’s shop – Beaded Tail.

    The Florida Furkids

  10. Great shopping!!
    Now we are planning ours!!

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