Sunday Guest Star: Cory Cat

I was off visiting Truffle and Brulee again and we saw this great place.  With a little hint from me, Cory was able to find me.   She said, “Or the Woods Memorial Bridge….in Beaufort South Carolina.”   And she was right!  That is where I am.

The Purrfections said, “This is the Woods Memorial Bridge that goes from Beaufort, SC to Lady’s Island, SC.”  Then they told me more about the Bridge, here.  The Bridge even has a Facebook page, although I have not yet friended them.  I quite enjoyed visiting my friends in South Carolina.   I can’t believe more southern cats didn’t get this!  Oh well!

I was quite impressed that Cory found me!  After all, she was feeling poorly this last week and had to go to the VET.  But I think she is doing much better now, even if she does have to take an icky pill.


  1. See? That’s what happens when you are sick in bed…you can get your paws googling!

  2. We’ve been lagging behind. Again. Concats to Miss Coretta! She is a beautiful house panther and obviously very smart.

  3. Well done, Cory! You’re such a bright girl!

  4. Cory ~ you are clever, amazing, beautifuls and PURRfect! *swoons*

    Love Alfie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Concats to Cory. We didn’t know where to start googling on this one and all we could get up was a bridge in Australia which had similarities. We could see it was not the same one though.

  6. Hooray for Cory and I hope she is feeling better!

  7. Maybe Cory is taking a SMART pill! She’s really good at finding you, Chey.

  8. Little Miss Smarty Pants strikes again! 🙂 Congrats to Cory!!

  9. We never like it when you are losted.

  10. Congratulations to Cory for finding you. I added it up and Herman spent a little more than half his life with me and he was very happy here. It does comfort me to know that he had more good times than bad in his five years.

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