Find Chey Shopping Friday #1

Special thanks to! And now you know...Well, that was fun last week. Now this week is a little more surreal. Maybe it’s the area?  I don’t know.  But where am I and what do you think I might be putting my gift bag?  What might I be doing?  Hmm?

Remember, it’s not just where I am this week but who I’m shopping with them.  And don’t forget to make shopping suggestions once you have it!

Find Full Find Chey Rules here.  And of course the Rules, such as they are, always apply.




  1. I have no idea where you are, but if there is a cheese shop there, I like extra sharp.


  2. As usual, I haven’t a clue, but it looks like fun. I have given you an award.

  3. We have absolutely no idea, we don’t even know where to start.

  4. Okay, this is a really wild guess. Are you in the Myrtle Beach area shopping with Truffle and Brulee?

  5. Are you on Main Street, USA?

  6. Clueless…as usual!!

  7. Well it looks like Mainstreet USA to us, no kidding they has buildings like that in Meridian, MS but we are very certain you are not there. And we has no idea where you are shopping. But hey Mommy at least remember to look at Find Chey Friday on FRIDAY. Big improvement there.

  8. We sure don’t have a clue where you are or who you are shopping with but hope you are having a good time and buying lots of goodies.

  9. This friend does not visit us often but has been featured on my blog before. Anyone going to blog paws has met this person–and this person does have a cat who blogs too

  10. Are you shopping at Planet Calamari with Zevo’s Human?

  11. It is someone we see less than Zevo’s human (but at some point you might be right). Think back to the first BlogPaws…

  12. Are you in Castro Valley shopping with Skeezix’ Food Lady?

  13. Nope. You may have been in the right category when you guessed Zevo’s human though..

  14. I am way late…but I didn’t know anyways!

  15. Good grief Chey were are you??

    Hello Gorgeous Miss Gemini!

  16. da abbies o trout towne says:

    N heer we thinked by now sum kitteh wood noe were ewe iz chey

    well, we dunno…. sew we will just say hope everee one haza grate week oh end at de jewelry store…. coz we putted blogpaws in google N then wuz like…uh…then dai$y…go figure…saw sum diamonds….. but uz boys didn’t….. sew we R bak ta sayin haza grate week oh end


  17. Our brains are hurting from thinking so there better be some salmon in the shopping cart.

  18. Shopping on main street near your home? Shopping small and local?

  19. Is dat where BZTAT lives (and Brewskiebutt)? In Canton O-Hi-O?

  20. Yeah Sanjee! You go!

  21. Does anyone want to guess what I was buying?!

  22. Yay!

    Um wuz you buyings art from BZTAT? Or maybe fishies. I bet fishies taste better.

  23. Can you pick us up some Feline Greenies???? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

  24. Yay for Sanjee!

  25. It looks like maybe you are part of the NipClub Bazaar shopping event that is going on tonight on twitter that features all kinds of great kitty products like the one’s Chey has on zazzle!!

  26. Concats to Sanjee! We would never have found you in a million years.

  27. Wow! That was clearly a challenging one! We of course had not the first idea…

    The Chans

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