Find Chey Friday #196

Well now this is interesting.  I decided to bring my Tiniest Tiger Tote so that if I get stuck here awhile I’ll have something with me.  Now, if only I had thought to put in a map.  But who would have thought I’d need one?  I don’t suppose you could help me.

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  1. Nancy and Little Nicky says:

    Key West?

  2. Oah man, this is hard!!!

  3. Is this a Buffet parrot thing?

  4. Are you in “Margaritiville”?

  5. The 5 o’clock bar.

  6. We agree with Ayla, Iza and Marley that you are at a Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville but we don’t know which one. We can’t see any sand or sea so we have discounted at least two. We will have to think harder and maybe see if Mr Google can be any help.

  7. Hang in there Chey, we might have an inside track on your location!!!

  8. Pixel and Samba says:

    Ok magarittalville. How about Key west. WE know it is not Niagara falls.

  9. Are you lost in St Peter MN?

  10. At Mary’s Flowers?

  11. We do not know where you are, but wow,that is one BIG bird 😮
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  12. Or are we parroting up the wrong tree?

  13. There seem to be a LOT of those parrots around.

  14. We are still no wiser. We are discounting Grand Turk and Las Vegas because our people have been to both of those and mum says it doesn’t look like either of those. They have been to another one but can’t remember where, (no photos) but mum doesn’t think it looked like that, so we will take a wild guess and say Niagara Falls.

  15. OK, there are 2 seemingly identical cars parked in the background. They may be from a dealership. Unfortunately, we couldn’t identify a car model if our head were pounded on it, UM passed real close, so if that helps annyone, great.

    But other than that, we are out of ideas of where you are lost, Chey!.

  16. We don’t have a clue…as usual….but if that’s a meowgarita that bird is drinking…we wanna steal it and put the bitey on that bird too!!

  17. We are not in Minnesota. We’re visiting friends again, though. Now, Margaritaville sounds like a fun place to go but Jimmy Buffet isn’t here.

  18. I think I haven’t a clue!

  19. We give up! We found the parrot and it is a wind spinner for sale for $55 so it could be anywhere, but we know it is not in our garden. Sorry Chey, you will have to join the parrot in a margarita while someone else finds you.

  20. Beaufort SC?

  21. Eric and Flynn, so much for giving up! :). Yes, you are right. How ever did you get that? Of course, if anyone wants to try to get more specific, I do have an area where it is. And yes, once again, I am visiting Truffle and Brulee.

  22. Vespa and Vincent says:

    Well, we think the mistress saw a sign like that at Everglades National park. We have asked her to go to South Carolina and Florida to check, but she says her transporter isn’t working! Therefore, we give up too. Besides the sun is out and it is time for our nap.

  23. Are you at The Craftseller?

    Bay Street again? MOL! Sneaky…

  24. Oh gosh you aren’t there. We even had TBT call them to check. They not only dont have the parrot spinner, they don’t even know who does. Sorry, Chey, you are still lost!

  25. The 5o’clock somewhere bar?

  26. We didn’t know Margaritaville was anywhere but Key West.
    Boy Chey you’ve got us all in a quandry.
    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini
    Ping purrs

  27. Hilton Head Island?

  28. I don’t know, but now I have that song stuck in my head…

  29. We know where, but we aren’t telling! Yet . . .

  30. We do not know where you are, but we would recognize a Tiny Tiger Tote any day!!!

  31. Are you possibly at Finishing Touches?

  32. Okay, it’s 5 o’clock here in ChiTown and we still can’t find you Chey! Thank cod you have your Tiniest Tiger Tote with you hopefully full of ham so you don’t starve.

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