Find Chey Friday #195

Oh dear, it looks like there might be a small problem with the bridge.  Even if I knew where I was, I’m not sure I could get anywhere.  Well, I don’t know where I am, so even if things change, that’s no help. Perhaps someone could point me in the right direction so that we can hope the bridge goes that way?

Find Full Find Chey Rules here.



  1. That looks dangerous Chey…hope you got a boat to get yourself out of there! I’m no help at all. Sigh.

  2. We have no idea but at least you have a nice blue sky whilst you wait for help.

  3. We would try to help you Chey,but we do not like water!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  4. Chey, there is a bridge to our island that goes like that…but we don’t think that bridge is the bridge to our island. We don’t know where you are! And why are you always lost around water???

  5. Well, since no one knows yet….I’ll start the guessing! I guess you are in Florida.

    Why? Why not?


  6. Mom says that looks like Mather’s Bridge in Merritt Island but it’s probably somewhere else.

    The Florida Furkids

  7. It looks familiar to us. Could it be . . .?

  8. Going to visit Truffle and Brulee soon! Going to visit the Purrfections.

  9. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    FINAL LEE……we noe eggs act lee wear ewe is chey….

    by de bridge in………

    CRANBERRIES…….heer comes de bozz at moms werk……..

    bee rite bak

  10. Well darn, I am no help at all.

  11. Harbor River Swing Bridge in Beaufort South Carolina.

    Am I close?


  12. Or the Woods Memorial Bridge….in Beaufort South Carolina.

  13. Cory I think you are right on that last one. Did you use my hint?

  14. ::chirp::

    Yes…hints are pawsome!

  15. You are all very clever!

  16. We tried to give a hint, too. This is the Woods Memorial Bridge that goes from Beaufort, SC to Lady’s Island, SC.

  17. Mommy says that a bridge that comes apart is a little skeery!

  18. We got up too late to help find you Chey. But are glad you are found…

  19. *sigh* late to the pawty again!! But would have been no help!!! 🙁 That bridge looks cool !

  20. We are here late, didn’t have a clue.

  21. Oh Mt Goodness! Yous gots me on this one! The only bridge wes seen like this was near Seattle.

  22. Oh dear!! We had a bridge like this going to Key West… then they blew it up and built a new one!!

  23. Well, where ever it is, sure looks pretty!

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