Chey’s Thankful Wednesday

Yeah, okay it doesn’t alliterate well. And really I shouldn’t be thankful. It came to Ichiro, not me.  But it was from Karen at Mousebreath.   She sent him a bunch of swag she got from Barkworld.  He likes the little light ball and the catnip.  Well, okay so Gemini got into the catnip as well.  And due to it being all over my bed, I got into the catnip cause that’s where I sleep.   Okay, yes, full disclosure, the bed was purchased for Ichiro but he never used it until someone put catnip all over it, but that doesn’t mean I have to stop right?

Along with that the woman got a cool necklace that didn’t show up well and some stuff to take away bad scent. I keep telling her she wouldn’t need that if she would just get rid of the Male but she doesn’t listen.  I hope this helps.   We got a cool hat and then this Tiniest Tiger Tote. We won the hipster bag a long time ago but this is a big bag.  I can see taking this with me when I go traveling.  As you can see, I’m pretty impressed.

I can’t imagine why she addressed this to Ichiro when I am so much more deserving.


  1. We can’t imagine why either! HaHaMeow.

  2. That is an awesome haul there, Chey, and you are right – it should have been addressed to you and not Ichiro!

  3. Yay for goodies with catnip !
    You look very good on that bed so it’s yours 😉
    Your bad scent? We don’t believe that.
    It’s probably the male ,heehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  4. That’s a lot of loot! Of course it’s yours!!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  5. It is all rather odd. All things should come to Chey, right?

    The Chans

  6. It is a puzzle for sure. Of course it should have been addressed to you.

  7. There is no accounting for humans!!!

  8. Hmmmmmmanother mystery started by a human!

  9. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    chey, if ewe wanna get rid oh bad smells, sum mackeral N flounder slices placed strategically 🙂
    thru out de houz werks grate !!

  10. Chey—I think the bed just suits you!! You nabbed it–it’s YOURS! Uh…is there room for me?


  11. Chey—I think the bed just suits you!! You nabbed it–it’s YOURS! Uh…is there room for me?


  12. Put nip all over it!! Sounds like a heaven to me!

  13. Hmmm, “thankful” isnt matching “wednesday”. Got it. On the case…

    Ummm, we will check our thesauranarisorous (that old dinosaur TBT). He suggests wonderful, whacky, winsome, windy, windish, welcome, kitsday, wensday, Wodensday, Odinsday, Mighty Meezer, Mighty Grateful, or Mouthy Meezer.

    Ya gotta be careful of those thesauranarisorousi. They have inchoate ears, quixotic eyes, and LONG DANGLING PARTICIPLES. Well, HE says, annyway.

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