Troubled Tabby Tuesday

Mama finally uploaded a bunch of photos from her camera.  This was the only one of me.  I like that it is of me in the sun, but really?  Only one?  When there were I don’t know how many of Chey and Ichiro?  How can she miss taking photos of her little Puffalo?


  1. Very beautiful and puffalicious!

  2. Sassy, you need to stage a protest!

    But on the other hand, having a camera stuck in your face constantly is really annoying. Maybe you should skip it.

  3. Only one? Srsly? Sheesh!!
    But Gemini, it is a lovely one 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  4. But you have beautiful floof! xx

  5. That is a terrific picture…yes, we need more fur sure!

  6. That is an outstanding photo, Gemini, and we demand more!

    The Chans

  7. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    my stars gemini, your mom may have only gotten one; but it’s a FABulous one….. I dare say your coat is gorgeous……what’s your secret…we long hairs need to stick together when it comes to beauty and fashion tips//advice

    hugs from dai$y; queen of cats

  8. Talk about favoritism, but how can she overlook your gorgeous tabby colors?

  9. MAJOR Tragedy, Gemini. Lawsuit worthy, we’re sure. And you could get a HUGE ‘nip settlement out of it too!

  10. Oh look at that face, those eyes that tail…oh my
    **pitterpatter* my heart sings.
    Ping purrs

  11. Wow, Gemini, you are looking extra floofy and beautiful! Does your fur get fuller in the winter months?

  12. That is not fair Gemini, you have such a lovely face and we need to see more photos of you.

  13. You is gorgeous Miss Gemini, you need your own photo shoot with lots and lots of pictures.

  14. It’s shocking the way those two steal the limelight. You’re looking furry puffy, Gemini.

  15. I don’t know because you are completely GORGEOUS!

  16. What a beautiful picture of you! We want to see more! More! More!

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