Talking on Tuesday

Mama, why is it you have a bunch of idea for holiday cards for Chey and Ichiro but none for  me?  I know I am a sunny summer cat, but aren’t I pretty enough to be under the tree?


  1. Not to intrude into household dynamics, but we agree that cards should get EVRYKITTY involved… Even Gemini…

  2. Of course your picture would be purrfect as a holiday postcard !!

  3. Aw, you’re a gorgeous kitty! you need to stage a protest, carry signs and everything until you get fair treatment!

  4. Gemini, you are gorgeous! Of course you should have your own card line! If I let Binga have some, you can have yours!

  5. Yeah Gemini!!!
    You tell her.After all, we love your beautiful floof 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  6. Absolutely you need your own card! Though we’re not sure that expression is quite the right tone for Christmas. Perfect for Halloween, mind you. Ha!

  7. Younare picture purrfect sweet Gemini!

  8. Of course such a pretty lady as you should have your own card Gemini.

  9. What? No Gemini? A general strike should be organised!

  10. Maybe you should work to rule, Gemini!!!

  11. How about all three together?

  12. Gemini, you sure don’t look happy with your mama. Hopefully, she’ll come up with a card for you too!

  13. OH Miss Gemini
    you are more than beautiful enough to be on christmas cards.

    ?•*¨`*•. ?Abby?Boo?Ping?Jinx?Grace??•*¨`*•.

  14. Miss Gemini, you are beautyous enough to be a CatMass card.

  15. I would love see Ms. Gemini gracing such a card–! She would highlight all the rest of the zodiac with her presence!!


  16. You sure are pretty enough for a card, Gemini. Purrs

  17. Mes thinks yous should be at the top of the tree!

  18. You are definitely pretty enough for your own card!

    We’re rallying for you Gemini!

    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  20. Oh Gemini, your mom’s in trouble NOW! The troops are rallying!

  21. you would be beautiful on a card sweetie pie!

  22. Gemini would be purrfect for Tiger pictures. She has such pretty fur.

  23. Gemini, we thinks you would look purrfect on a Christmas Card. We envision you on a gold tree skirt as we thinks that color would look pawsome with your fur. And the green of the tree would bring out your eyes.

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