Sunday Guest Star: Vincent and Vespa

Although their comment didn’t show up (thank you spam filer, holding it in pending) Vincent and Vespa were the first to guess where we were.  They said, “We know exactly where you are Chey. Our mistress went to see it when it was being built when she was a very small girl. She also lived three blocks from it for several years in the 80s. It is the dome shaped fountain in the big courtyard at the Seattle Center. Each of the nozzles can have different amounts of water shot through them and sometime they (or did during the 1962 World’s Fair) have lights and music along with the fountains. The master’s father was one of the architects who worked on the Seattle Center design. We don’t think that most cats would enjoy visiting the fountain when it is playing…too much water.”

I was surprised that Truffle and Brulee did not get it as their person was there with the Woman when this was taken!

The photo is a picture of Vincent.  Vespa was supposed to have a photo but only this one came through. They live with Foyle who is a black poodle and is an SAR dog, which really impresses the heck out of us totally.  I mean, Search and Rescue, how cool is that. These two cats have it made don’t they? (Um, even if they don’t have a blog or anything).


  1. We KNEW Vincent and Vespa had it right and saved you from the awful wet place!

  2. Our mom was out of town Friday night and couldn’t get computer access. We hate we missed our guess.

  3. Vespa and Vincent says:

    We are very excited that we have been featured in Chey’s blog. Since my mistress didn’t manage to send my photo, I get to say that when Foyle gets lost inside the house, we can always find him…doing something undesirable to a pillow (some animals have no sense of decorum). We are looking forward to meeting the woman on Wednesday…maybe she will take a picture of me so that you can all admire my silky, black fur and eggplant shape the next time we figure out Where Chey Is! Best wishes, Vespa

  4. We’re amazed you all got so close to that water. it looks WET!

  5. Concats to them! WE totally did not even get to comment or research it. Out Mommy will be getting demerits fur this. Have a great Sunday, furriends. xoxo

  6. We didn’t comment, but we would not have known. Congarats to the finders.

  7. Concatulations to Vincent and Vepsa. We think they should start blogging!

  8. Well done to the Vs. FAZ

  9. They sure done good even with the silly spam filter trying to detain them!

  10. ConCats to Vincent and Vespa!

    The Florida Furkids

  11. Congrats to Victor and Vespa!

  12. Congrats to Vincent & Vespa. Love those names together.

  13. Congratulations to Vincent and Vepsa~!!!!

  14. Congrats to some newbees !!!!!!!!
    We are also impressed that Foyle is a SAR dog!!Very cool 😉
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  15. Grrrrr to spam filters! Concatulations to Vincent and Vespa and extra demerits to our Mommy for NOT getting it (she has been there)

  16. Vespa and Vincent says:

    Dear Kitties,

    We are overwhelmed with your congratulations and we have enjoyed looking at all your blogs and pictures. We will work on the mistress re garding the blog. She won this IPad thing that we like to walk on but she seems to have a learning deficiency because she only uses it to watch debates and play games on. We think she should regale the world with our adorableness. Besides, how can we tell everyone about Foyle’s SAR exploits. We will try sleeping on her face again…that usually spurs her to action.

    Cheers, Vincent & Vespa, from Vancouver, USA

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