Sunday Guest Star: the Florida Furkids!

I love it when I’m out and about and I’m found by a cat that doesn’t usually find me.  The Florida Furkids found me and they were so excited.  They said, “OMC….maybe???? Lumberjack statue Paul Bunyan & Blue Babe Klamath, Trees of Mystery, Redwood, California, USA”  They were right on!

They said they’ve never won before but I think they might have a couple of years ago.  We could be wrong.  The woman has a very poor memory but she THOUGHT they had but it was like a REALLY long time ago.

Cody and Gracie also knew where we were but since they’ve been winning all our California excursion sites, they sat back and waited to see if someone else would find me.  They did not have long to wait.

Nellie got very excited thinking we were in Minnesota, but we weren’t.  We’re rather sure of that as the woman was actually there taking the photo and it was California.  Beyond that she’s not really willing to argue.

And yes, most cats got that it was Paul Bunyan and Babe the Big  Blue Ox.  And yes, Paul Bunyan really does talk and answer questions that are posed to him by children.  Apparently he does not talk to cats, which seeing he has an ox is rather specist of him.


  1. rats! me was sure yous was in Minnasota! paul looked just like the paul there.
    maybe next time…..

  2. Chey, we are SURE that Babe would have talked to you if Paul wasn’t around. Oxes are shy, we hear. Especially Bloo Ones…

  3. Congrats to these 2 cute stars!!

  4. We are still waiting for you to fly over to Yurrop, Chey :))) There will be a big welcome for you and some niptinis 🙂

  5. Congrats to the Furkids!!

  6. We’re so excited that we found you. Our Mom is really OLD and probably forgot if we found you once before!

    The Florida Furkids

  7. Very scary.

  8. Our very scary comment is suppose to go with Ichiro’s Halloween post. We have no clue how it got on the wrong post. We will just blame Mommy as we are sure she clicked something wrong and it doesn’t matter if Scylla’s head is laying on the keyboard, Mommy is still suppose to make sure the right things get clicked.

    We would have never found you even if our bad Mommy remembered to let us look for you Friday.

  9. I sure am glad those smart Florida cuties found you!

  10. Paul Bunyan doesn’t talk to kitties? He doesn’t know what he’s missing 😉

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