Mancat Monday in the Sun

Yes, this is a bit old.  Back in September when it was still unseasonably warm and dry, I snuck out while Mom was taking outside photos of Gemini.   So here I am, having rolled all over the patio, enjoying that sunshine.

Mom put this up because she went to toss some old cooked herbs into the vegetable bed and I ran out with her, even though it was not very nice. At least it wasn’t raining outside like it was in Portland.  I’m not sure I would like rain.


  1. Lovele pic. Your eyes are mesmerizing!

  2. The only time I snuck out of the house, my human was too frantic about getting me back in to grab a camera!

  3. Ah,handsome Ichiro 🙂
    We are pretty sure you would not like the rain too!! We wouldn’t.
    After all, rain is water 😉
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  4. I don´t sneak out from my own house , but I sneaked out from my mom-persons parents house once .
    I was tired of their boring old cat Gustav , that refused to play with me 😀
    Have a purrfect mancat monday !

  5. Ichiro, I LOVE rolling all over the patio, but when I do, I get dirt and stuff all over me. So now I never get to go out and roll. I will live vicariously through you….


  6. Oooh, good for you! Well, okay, as long as you were safe. 🙂

    Of course, all we care about is being out and having sunpuddles, we don’t care what’s “safe” and what’s not. It’s our human who gets her knickers in a twist over that!

    Lovely, lovely photo!

  7. We think sunpuddles are just as nice from inside as they are outside!!

    The Florida Furkids

  8. Rolling around in the sun is the BEST!

  9. Billy doesn’t mind the rain – he likes to be wet.

  10. Great picture. We remember the sun. All we’ve had this week is rain, rain, rain. No fun.

  11. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    dood…haz ya ever rolled in mackeral, flounder ore trout…..itz grate and ewe reely onlee knead like maybe 7 fish lined up ta get sum good rollin time in….trust uz, ewe will smell grate for like days !!!

  12. Yes, rain is ICKY. Thank Cod it never happens around here.
    You are verreh handsome!

  13. Sun and warm sounds good about now!

  14. It feels good to roll in the sunshine Ichiro, but rain is not so bad. I like to sit in the middle of the lawn when it rains and get wet. When I go in, mum towel dries me and then I run back out again, and so it continues.

  15. Ichiro – Sassy here. You are one hotman cat! You might be interested in the Hotman Cat of the Blogosphere weekly column I am doing. Check it out.


  16. Being outside is dangerous, Ichiro. Only run out when Mom is there too!

  17. Hi Ichiro! It’s nice to see you today!

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