Find Chey Friday #192

Who is this dude?  I mean he seems to be talking but I keep asking him where I am and he doesn’t answer the question.  That’s so rude.  Maybe he only speaks ox?

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  1. We know where you are, but will come back later in order to give someone else a chance to find you. Good luck kitties.

    Cody and Gracie

  2. OMC….maybe????
    Lumberjack statue Paul Bunyan & Blue Babe Klamath, Trees of Mystery, Redwood, California, USA

    The Florida Furkids

  3. Oh the Furkids are RIGHT! Woo Hoo! And how did you know that from way over where you are?!

  4. Good going, Furkids! We only know about Paul Bunyan and Babe in Minnesota, so we would have been wrong anyway.

  5. Chey….Google was our friend this time!!! We knew who the big guy was 🙂

    We’re so EXCITED! We’ve never even had a guess before!!!!!!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  6. Yea to the Florida Furkids. Woo hoo!

    Cody and Gracie

  7. Concats to the Furkids!

  8. I know that’s Paul Bunyon and Babe the big blue ox, but I have no idea where it is! MOL

  9. Yay for being found Chey, because that guy is BIG and so is that cow/ox !!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  10. We of course were totally flummoxed, as usual…

    The Chans

  11. Way to go, Florida Furkids! Concats!

  12. Yay Florida Furkids!!!!

  13. Smart and quick they are!!!

  14. Yay for the Florida Furkids. Well done.

  15. Wow, that was a fast find. You can be home in time for some extra fishy flakes today, Chey.

  16. We knew that was Paul Bunyon…but that’s about all. Congrats to the Furkids! They finally got one!!

  17. Congrats Furkids and now I feeling like singing the Monty Python song….I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay…

  18. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    cranberriez; we mizzed it again coz we thought shirley thiz bee tony soprano’s houz N him waz outside doin a wee bit oh fall keen up round de yard….and thatz noe bull 🙂

  19. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    oh, N haza grate week oh end !!!

  20. Congratulations to the Florida Furkids. We knew it was Paul Bunyan, but our mom went to bed early last night and we’re just now checking out the blogs.

  21. Sigh – Mommie really needs to get out more! She never knows where you are…..

  22. okay, so that’s, like, Paul Bunyan, mommy sez…but we has NO idea where!!

  23. Ah, we went ta bed too early last night and are just gettin online again now. Congrats to the Furkids!

    But, Chey, we have the feeling that you been lost there once before. At least, we think we seen you around a Paul Bunyan somewhere once…

  24. Oh! Oh! Oh! me KNOWS where yous is!!! We has been there and there is pictures of the dog who came before iunb front of that very same statue in Bemidji, Minnesota!!!!!
    Me can’t bekieve me finally knew on!!!\Ne is just s excited!!!

  25. Alas Nellie, I am in California at the Mystery of the Trees and not in Minnesota.

  26. You know we are no good at this. But we are glad you got found so quickly.

  27. Go Furkids!
    Mom thought it was Paul Bunyan but not where he was.

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