Why Ichiro Supports Cheysuli (for a change)

Ichiro promotes Purrfect PalsChey is working hard on her World Ruler Campaign and there will be more announcements and speeches this week.

I hope that you’ll all consider Purrfect Pals or at least keep them in mind.  Small local shelters that do great work really need all the assistance they can get.   There are so many places helping cats that places in the local communities often get overlooked.

The people who volunteer there are wonderful.  Many of them spend their own money to go to our of the area events that bring in money for the shelter.  There are others fostering cats.  Still others clean kennels regularly.  There are people who can be counted on to drive an hour out of their way to pick something up from the main shelter and bring it back to an offsite room.  Others will drop everything to get a sick cat to one of the shelter vets.

Connie Gabelein, the Executive Director worked as the lead volunteer at the offsite shelter Mom volunteered at.  She used to send her teasing emails about the Meezers they got in.  Mom would always follow-up and look, even after she found me!  Connie was tireless in her availability even then.  She’d work long hours taking cats to emergency vets after hours if needed or taking cats into her own home when they needed a break from the adoption room.

There are people who dedicate their weekends to manning booths at fairs, creating and donating toys and products that can be sold at the booths, people who beg for donations for events like the Black Cat Ball and the Average Joe Cat Show.

Within our local area are other really worthy shelters.  There are only so many local dollars to go around.  Even if you can’t vote for us, if you are local, we hope that you’ll look into supporting us. If you work at a company that will match your donation, please consider making one.  Those dollars go a long way in a small shelter.

I was a Purrfect Pals cat. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t had them to help me when I needed them.  Chey might not care, but I bet you do.

If I’m remiss in not saying more about Labor Day, it’s because I’m a cat and I don’t labor.  Really.


  1. Sounds like a very worthy shelter. Good luck to Chey and Happy Labor Day!

  2. We’re sure Chey will never admit it, but you are a “purfect pal”. Happy Holiday!

  3. What a pawsome shelter…and Ichiro, it has to be pawsome because you came from there. We can hardly wait until we hear more about Chey’s campaign. My momma Ellie is all geared up to lend a paw in anyway she can….whether it’s washing furs or keeping the peace. Oh…and Chey…DO NOT…I repeat DO NOT even THINK about having by brother Madison try to introduce you for any of your speeches. He’s been talking to chairs…I know he’s 16 and a bit…you know…


  4. All the shelters we are supporting are so worthy! I wish they all could win!

  5. That sounds like a wonderful shelter!! We’re glad they were there to help you!!

    The Florida Furkids

  6. Purrfect Pals sounds like a Purrfect Place for a kitty waiting to find his/her furever home!

  7. Good luck to you;)
    Small shelters do great things and always could use help.

  8. Sounds like a shelter that deserves to win!!
    Small shelters really do need the help 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  9. I knew you would support her, you are a nice boy!

  10. Ichiro, you are a great advertisement for your shelter. As Sparkle says they are all so worthy! xx

  11. Chey should be very pleased that Ichiro is supporting her!

  12. Pawsome post, Ichiro. We know some of those heroes too. They’re awesome!

  13. All the shelters/rescues are so worthwhile we are so glad Zee & Zoey came up with this fun contest to spotlight these shelters & rescues.

    Love your new look.

  14. My Mom and Dad volunteer with Contra Costa Humane Society…small private non profit, for cats sheltered at Kitty Corner where they found me, mostly adult and special need cats. ANd they foster as many doggies as they can. We do what we can to help them out as they are very small but with big hearts and intentions! Paw Pats, Savannah

  15. my Mommy sends a percentage of all her cat and dog art to a local small shelter. We thinks they does great work. We wihshes that all the shelters that that the candidates in Zee & Zoey’s 2012 Cat Ruler of the World Contest could win!
    Good luck to yous guys!
    Nellie Campaign Manager
    Austin for Cat Ruler of the World 2012

  16. Ichiro, this is very noble of you. We agree with supporting small shelters who don’t have the huge marketing budgets of the big ones. Good luck and purrs to Chey.

    Domino, campaign manager
    Odin For Cat Ruler of the World 2012 to benefit Brigid’s Crossing cat sanctuary.

  17. Small shelters need all the help they can get and with their limited resources, they do a simply awesome job.


  18. Chey – this is such a wonderful shelter and we are so proud to have you represent them. It has been so incredible learning more about all of these shelters!

  19. That’s a very cute picture. Purrfect pals sounds like a very nice place for all our furry friends!

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