Sunday Guest Star: China Cat and Willow

Sunday Guest Star is actually older than Find Chey Friday because our first guest stars were from when we did the Feature Friday articles.  Now, it’s become a game for people to go searching for me.

Today China Cat and Willow found me.  They said, “We just found the Sundial Bridge in Redding, California that kind of looks like where you are, Chey. Well, we are not positive but that’s the only guess we came up with today. ”  And they were right.  We actually looking away from the monument there just to give you all a challenge!

It was quite a warm day when the human walked across that Bridge.  The Food Lady recommended it so they decided to check it out.  They didn’t stick around to go anywhere else as it was a little late and it was very warm.

Eric and Flynn also managed to find us but China Cat beat them to it!  I think those guys are moving up there into Smarty Pants territory don’t you?


  1. We are amazed annyone found you! We couldnt even GUESS how ta figure out where ya were this time. Good werk China Cat and Willow (and Eric and Fkynn too)…

  2. Good job, kittehz. We had no idea whatsoever and couldn’t figure out what to even search. We did, however, remember your newsletter hint!

  3. Concats to China Cat and Willow. We were quite a long time behind in finding you but we don’t like to give up if we can help it. We got Google eyed from searching.
    BTW note to CC&W. When we comment (which we know is not often enough -sorry) we get a Mailer Daemon. Are you using an out of date email address for your blog?

  4. Fooled me!!

  5. They sure did a good job finding you!

  6. Concats to China Cat and Willow!

  7. Thank you for your kind words about Tamir. We will miss our very special ManCat but know he lives on in our hearts.
    The Florida Furkids and Mom Sharon

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