Retrospective: The Borg

Chey assimilates the Borg

At some point in 2007 Cheywas assimilated by the Borg (around Halloween I think).  However, in true Chey fashion it wasn’t enough to return to Siamese form, she had to take the Borg with her.

Ah this took longer than I though, particularly after I had had Miles‘ help. Then even Faz stepped in and it still took weeks.

I expect that it was the upgrade to Vista that did it.

Some things even the Borg can’t do anything about.

This weeks Meezer Rule:

If the Borg try to assimilate you, Assimilate them instead.


  1. *covers eyes with paws* Borg’s scare me!!!! *runs*

  2. Scary, indeed!

  3. We remember the Borg days 🙂
    We figured that you would be the kitty to assimilate them! heehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  4. The only Borg we know is Bjorn?? He didn’t scare the staff quite so much!! 🙂

  5. That is spooky cool!

  6. OH we remember Chey!

    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini.
    ping purrs

  7. Remember, when you assimilate things, you make an a$$ out of, er, never mind. Wrong saying.

  8. BWAAA-HA-HAA! You go Chey! That’ll show them!

  9. We remember when that happened!

  10. Quite right! Resistance is useless – now give us treats!

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