Retrospective: Chey Ashamed

Chey was never shy about voicing her opinions on current events and politics.  As a candidate many of her views were published and printed.  This is from a post in June 2007 after Seattle was hiring goats to eat their weeds.

Cheysuli, Siamese Presidential Candidate in the Feline’s for Total World Domination Party, said today that she was ashamed of Seattle for hiring goats to eat their weeds. Campaign constituents were shocked at the statement as she has always run on a platform of environmental awareness. Seattle’s decision to hire the goats was based in part on a study that found goats to be both cheaper to hire and more environmnetally sound than using pesticides to remove weeds in public areas.

“I’m not opposed to Seattle hiring goats,” Candidate Cheysuli stated earlier today, “I’m opposed to Seattle hiring goats for less than they pay a human. This just isn’t right. They’re basically keeping goats in servitude.”

Seattle officials objected to the characterization, saying that while the goats were working, they were eating and would not have to buy food.

“Think of the kids!” Ms Meezer exclaimed! “We have child labor laws. You don’t expect the kids to be out there working as well do you? You can’t. So who is going to buy the food for the kids? You can’t also expect both goat parents to work at once, otherwise you’d have to figure in day care as well. Do you know how much day care costs for a goat kid?! It’s astronomical.

“Goats are really getting squeezed on both ends. We expect them to work for less than a human and then we overcharge them for the same basic services that humans take for granted.”

Seattle officials deny any such problems. “The goats will do exactly what goats love to do. We won’t be enslaving them.”

“Anytime you have someone who is forced to work for less than another, simply based on species is simply wrong. I’m about the environment but I’m also about equal pay for equal work. Those goats won’t even be getting healthcare! I’m ashamed of Seattle!” Cheysuli stated when pressed.
After such an outburst there’s been public support for the goats getting equal pay for their job chewing weeds. Some people have been saying that as it’s been proven that goats are more efficient than humans that they should actually get paid more. This is unlikely to fly with the City of Seattle but Cheysuli sees even equal pay as a good start.


  1. We love a candidate that speaks their mind and Chey was purrfect. Poor goats. Can you imagine what their “kids” will grow up to be like? MOL MOL MOL!!!

  2. Connie Marie says:

    She shouldn’t be ashamed! I think it’s a darn good article, then and now.

  3. You could say that the goats were being paid in weeds, but you wrote a great article, Chey.


  4. EQUAL PAY FOR ANIPETS! We help, we deserve the rewards…

  5. We agree that is was, and still is a good article.
    Chey, you always look out for animals!!
    Pawsome 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  6. Way to go Chey, standing up for the rights of goats! Equal pay for equal work and higher pay for exceptional weed eating! Does the City of Seattle have any cheese they want to eliminate?

  7. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    chey, ewe got that rite; thoz goats shulda been paid, like so, whatz next, mountain goats iz gonna be eggs spected ta like climb mountainz N stik flags up there juzt coz da mountain iz ther ??? !!!!

  8. I like it that you are not shy!

  9. Chey when you’re right you’re right!
    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini
    Ping purrs

  10. Well we would like to see humans chew quite as efficiently!! Good grief!

  11. You shouldn’t have been ashamed Chey, the goats needed someone to stand up for them and you were brave enough to do it.

  12. We always (or shall we say Sweet Praline and Mom Paula) always appreciated that Chey was totally honest. Can’t find that in human candidates anymore.

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