More Litter Boxes

The theme this week seems to be litter boxes.  You know, Harold over at the Never Miss Litterbox is donating $10.00 of every Cat Ruler of the World Edition of their litterbox.   Wow. We even got our own litterbox?  Have you been over there?

And he has offered us the ability to give one away to one of our readers.  We’ll be taking comments in this post, so if you want to try one of these high sided litterboxes (which Ichiro needs as he’s quite the kicker), leave your name in the comments.  All comments entered before 6 PM on Friday will be entered and one comment per cat.  We will contact the winner once we chose one and then they will be announced on the weekend.  Be sure to fill in the email so that if you name is drawn, we can contact you.

We haven’t had the opportunity to try these but I know that the gang at Cat Wisdom did a great review of them.  And yes, for our participation we were offered two of these, however we really only have space for one more litter box in the house and we really like the boxes we have.

Oh–and have you voted?  Don’t forget!



  1. Thanks for the shout out. It’s true, I used to hate cleaning litter boxes (especially the wet bits stuck in the corner) and now it’s almost a pleasure. So get yourself a box or two and help a shelter.

  2. Don’t enter us, as we quite like the boxes we are using… but Ichiro, really? Can you kick that high, honey pie?!

  3. With the way Wally likes to dig to China, we need this box!!

  4. Audrey needs as high a litter box as possible, and then some. Yes, please enter us.

  5. The mom says we need a litterbox like that. WE don’t think we’re THAT messy but she disagrees

  6. We think we’d like to try out one of those litter boxes.

  7. Our boy, Rolz, was known for his VERY BAD HABIT – he would perch high up on the edges of the litterbox and spray pee on the wall!! Now that we use the NVR Miss Litterbox, WE NO LONGER HAVE THIS PROBLEM!! Whoo Hoo!! Don’t enter us in the contest – but good luck to all and if you decide to buy one, $10.00 will be donated to the winner of Zee & Zoey’s Cat Ruler of the World Contest which is pretty darn cool!!

  8. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    meowloz chey nice ta see ewe bak…theez high sided boxes R grate; we love de one we haz !!

  9. Tipp is the kicker in our family (Hey! I’m just trying to be thourough guys!). Please enter us to win him an awesome box!

    Harry and Dexter

  10. You know I don’t need to enter, but you covered it quite nicely!

  11. Chey and Gemini, thank you for your condolences for Olivia. We truly appreciate your support and sympathy during this sad time in our life.

    William, Caroline, Russell, Gracie, and our mom.

  12. Oh my yes! My brother aims high and always over the box. MOM needs this.

    We don’t but she does!
    hello gorgeous Miss Gemini
    Ping purrs

  13. We have a baby bath as Au likes his bathroom roomy 🙂

  14. Jan is forcing us to enter this cause she insists there is at least one over the top pee-er in this house. So please count us in.

  15. Please enter me in this contest. We need this box as Callie likes to kick it out and then spread it around!

  16. thats a nise litterbox. we just gotted new ones here owrselves. we hafta hafe low walk into and back owt of cause we klaustraphobic and sume of us are big kitties. we get litter eferywhere and beans sweep twice a day but theyll live.

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