Chey’s Campaign Finale

You know what? I think I’d rather nap than rule. I realize I am the cat with the most experience, as I’m the only one who ran for president in 2008 (yes we started blogging in 2006 when I threw my hat into the ring).  Unfortunately the US is rather specist about who they allow to run for president so cat ruler sounded good. Even better, the money for my local shelter.

I’m too honest to be as popular as other cats.  My opinions are always nuanced.  My shelter is local.  I have no doubt I’m the under cat, despite my experience.  I am grateful for words of wisdom from my friend Al Gore, who may have “lost” his election but got a Nobel Prize instead.  I’m working on a scientific study of napping that should change the world forever.

I’d care less if I weren’t supporting a really good shelter who can really use your votes.   Purrfect Pals does a lot of good, Ichiro a side.  We’d love it if you’d give them your nod.  It’s about them, not me.  I hope that you won’t hold the Woman’s lack of interest in cat blogging against our shelter.  They deserve this.  Vote here.


  1. We hope you get the vote and your shelter gets the support it needs.

  2. We think the world will be forever changed by your napping study. Of course we’re all willing to help *yawn*….zzzzzzz….

    ….zzzzzz…wha? Where was I? Oh yeah! You know I have a soft spot for rescues in the Pacific NW. Purrfect Pals didn’t save me, but they would have if they had the chance.

    Purrrrs of support,


  3. Wonderful post. We don’t think you’re the undercat. You’re sumthin special. We wish all these great shelters could benefit from this. Happy Tuesday. xoxo

  4. Paws up, Chey! The competition has been tough for this campaign and we are all winners – and so are our shelters!

  5. Wish you Good luck in the elections !
    And me miaow like Sparkle = You are all winners – and so are your shelters !

  6. Good luck Chey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  7. Good luck, Chey!! We wish all the shelters could win!!

  8. Good luck to ALL the shelters. Each is a winner.
    Time to return to the ruling of our own domains.
    But first, Zzzzzzzzzz.

  9. Good luck Chey! Thanks for supporting Purrfect Pals and sharing about their good works!

  10. Yay for the local shelters! 🙂 Ours is local shelter too. You’ve fought a good campaign, Chey. We are all winners xx

  11. Chey – I have always bowed to your superiority, so deep down I knew you already ruled the world, but, nonetheless I am so proud you were one of the Cat-idates for Zee & Zoey’s first ever Cat Ruler of the World Contest. Purrfect Pals is a wonderful organization and we are happy to have helped more people become aware of this great place.

  12. Good luck today! We’ve enjoyed the campaigning alot!

  13. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    best fishes two ewe chey N all de catidates N a grate job runnin a burd free campaign !!

  14. FaRADaY: WOOT! That’s my home-girl, keeping it real an telling it LIKE IT IS.

    We cats already rule the world, but if you guys want to cast your vote for a truly great and deserving shelter, like Purrfect Pals – a shelter that could really use the help, the funds, the donations…

    Then cast your vote for CHEY: One Cat To Rule Them ALL.

  15. OH Chey we know you are such a great candidate, we wish you lots and lots of good luck!!!
    Your shelter is very deserving.
    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini.
    Ping purrs

  16. Good luck Chey. All the shelters are worthy winners.

  17. You are always a classy one Chey. I feel like you, with my small shelter and I am certainly out flashed. But we are doing something important for kitties, and that makes me very happy.

  18. Good luck to you and your shelter, Chey!!!

  19. Chey! Wes all feels like we can’t does enough – sometimes, and then others, we feels like we is the ruler of the world! Now mater who wins, all the pawticipants made peoples more aware!

  20. Loved this!! I hear ya! I’m also “too honest to be as popular as the other cats”…..feigned sweetness has never been my strong suit!!! Sending you GIANT (((((pawhugs)))))) you are a WINNER in my book!

  21. Chey, you ran a great campaign and I’m very impressed that Purrfect Pals also works hard to elevate black cats–I have a real soft spot for black cats. So you are still a contender as I narrow down my decision!
    Thank you for sharing the wonderful work of Purrfect Pals. Good luck to you!
    Riverfront Cats

  22. Dear Chey, Odin was honored to be this campaign with you. On behalf of all of us at Cat Wisdom 101, we wish you good luck!

  23. Good for you Chey, the shelters need all the help they can get!

  24. We love you Chey! You tell it like it is….always have!

  25. Yep, we voted, but only one for for the two of us. Oh well. Higher sided litter box. Yeah, throw our names in for the drawing.

  26. Pixel and Samba says:

    we voted for you 😉 And this litterbox looks cool. Pixel likes to ” dig to china” so the sides look cool. Alas samba would not use it as he is super claustrophobic. So it is not for us.

  27. it bee uz again; we wuz over at purrfect pals, then we linked over ta de live feed kitten cam; whoa, those kittehs haz sum energee !!!

    we wanted ta say everee one runned a grate campaign N each N everee shelter deserves ta be picked; best fishes two ewe chey; high paws N head bonks…ouch…ta purrfect pals…N may everee kitteh; N pup two, finds ther forever home……heerez ta a awesum week oh end….peace out N rock on =^..^=

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