We’re Back!

Why yes, yes, we’re back.  And do you like the new look?  Glogirly made the header for us and isn’t it stunning?  It brings out my eyes without being blue again.  The Woman was getting tired of all of blue blue blue, so this gave her another color palette to work with.

Feel free to take a look around at our store and information stuff.  Also, if you are interested in getting our blog via email, we are setting up to be able to do that via our mailing list. It may take a week before we get the details of that worked out.   Now, we blog about six days a week. Do you prefer a weekly digest for our blog posts or daily emails with the new posts if you are thinking of signing up that way?  Oh and don’t worry, you can still subscribe via the feed (always!).

If you haven’t already done so, we are keeping the option to have a once a month newsletter.  We do offer tips and hints on what’s coming up for Find Chey Friday. We will also start working harder on making sure we offer special coupons on our artwork.

Oh and speaking of, have you visited the auction for Ann and Vic of Zoolatry?  We have our newly produced Winter Cat card up for auction. It doesn’t say it but if you win, we’ll contact you to see if you want any text on there so you can customize it.  Head over there now, consider bidding on these great cards or just browse thought the other items which are all pretty cool!


  1. We love the new look! Mom Paula has been telling us stories about meeting all of you last week! She said she even gave away some of our chin scritches!

  2. OMC! I love the new header and the new look! purrrr

    I have been over to the auction…bidding like crazy on stuff…what a wonderful way to help our furriends.

  3. We were here earlier and it was still under construction. You did a good job redecorating.

  4. Looking good!!! We really like it!

    The Florida Furkids

  5. divakitty says:

    Looks fabulous!

  6. Your blog looks lovely! We would love a Chey newsletter, but didn’t see where to sign up. Mommy can be contacted at: t.woodruff@hotmail.com. Happy Monday, furriends!

  7. Love it! The colors match your furs. Isn’t Mom Paula the greatest? Minchie slept on the bed with her when she was here last February.

  8. One word, Chey: CLASSY!

  9. It’s lovely! We’re off to check out the other tabs.

  10. Your new header looks AWESOME! Another great job by Glogirly!

  11. lovely lovely lovely….. xoxoxoxo

  12. That’s the thing about blue… it coordinates so well with nearly everything!

  13. Looking really good. We thought we’d come in the wrong door for a moment!! xx

  14. Welcome back !!
    Your place looks great too 🙂
    We think you you look the best 😉
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  15. Wow! The make-over is GREAT! We must get Glogirly to help us make-over!!

  16. The new look is great, terrific header!

    We’re glad the auction is doing so well…We’ve seen the awesome stuff up for bidding, but our human just can’t bid on anything at this time. We’re glad it’s such a runaway success!

  17. WOW! You are sure looking darn fancy!!!

  18. We love the new color palette – the tones are gorgeous and your eyes are still stunning!! Great job by the talented Glogirly and welcome back!!

  19. Love the new look it’s fabulous the header is great!
    Hello dear Miss Gemini.
    Ping purrs

  20. The header and new design is beautiful!

  21. Me absolutely LOVES your new blog look! And it does bring out the blue in your eyes.

  22. Thank you guys so much for your good wishes! Chey

  23. Lookn’ goooooooooooooooood!!!! Welcome back!

  24. Wow, nice new digs, Chey and gang. Welcome back and just in time for the big day on Tuesday 😉

  25. The new look is terrific. We love it. We are going to check everything out. Congrats on being one of the big six to be elected for the World cat deal.
    I will be sure that whoever wins the card on the auction will get in touch with you. Thanks again for doing that.

  26. We like the new look. It’s great!

  27. Love the new header. We’re off to vote for you and wish you success.

  28. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH—-I do like that new banner. Glogirly did a wonderful job (or is Katie the one who really did it? 🙂 My human is so mesmerized with your blue eyes.–she might be knockin’ on your door any second! 🙂


  29. What a pawesome job she did! ‘acourse we looooves da big meezer focus! MOL

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