Wednesday with Chey

Yes, I know you think it’s funny to hang that string in my face and ruin the photo.  Consider what happens next time I get the camera.  Or I get access to the Male’s computer and all his photos of your big booty.  Mao’s going to need a bigger monitor.


  1. Chey – you are too funny.

  2. HaHaMeow! Revenge is suh-weet!

  3. Chey, your human needs to learn how to behave!

  4. You tell her, Chey!

  5. Oooh, nice white chompers, Chey!

  6. Threats are so satisfying!

  7. Uh-oh. She better watch out.

  8. Chey, you are just too, too much! Really! I don’t think the photo is ruined — I like seeing you with your mouth open like that.

    Happy World Cat Day!

  9. In your face fur sue Chey!

  10. Let her know how you really feel Chey.

    Hello gorgeous Miss Gemini, how are you feeling today?

    Ping purrs

  11. MOL!!

  12. Chey, we are dying to find out what you do next. Send us pictures, ok?

  13. Chey, dood! Let us know how that goes for ya, ‘k?

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